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Teochew Restaurant Singapore

Best authentic Teochew Style restaurants in Singapore

Teochew cuisine is widely known for it’s delicate, fresh and mellow flavours. This cuisine, originated from the Chaoshan region in Guangdong uses a lot of traditional Chinese cooking methods such as steaming, poaching and braising to bring out the natural flavours of the food. 

If you’re into classic dishes like Teochew-style steamed fish, roasted suckling pig and orh nee (yam paste, our favourite!), look no more! You’re in for a treat because we’ll be introducing our favourite Teochew restaurants to you! 

Paradise Teochew Restaurant 

Paradise Teochew Restaurant Singapore
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Paradise Teochew is one of the many concepts brought in by the Paradise Group. Featuring a menu of over 100 Teochew-style dishes and dim sums, you’re bound to find something you like! 

Their signature dishes include the Chilled Yellow Roe Crab in Teochew Style, Steamed Pomfret, and Wok-fried Hor Fun with Kai Lan and Preserved Turnip. These are only a few of dishes out of the many yummy ones they serve. You are definitely not gonna leave the restaurant disappointed! 

Paradise Teochew at Scotts Square
6 Scotts Road
#03-04 Scotts Square

Paradise Teochew at VivoCity
1 HarbourFront Walk
#01-53 VivoCity
Singapore 098585

Swatow Seafood

Swatow Seafood Teochew Restaurant Singapore
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Swatow is a thriving city in South China and it is one of the places where the traditional Teochew cuisine first originated. They have now brought that century-old, unique food culture to Singapore to let everyone have the chance to taste the deliciousness for themselves. So, what are you waiting for?

If you’re into the lighter dishes, remember to checkout the Swatow Signature Chicken and Chilled Jellied Pork Knuckles. The Chilled Jellied Pork Knuckles is a really traditional Teochew-style dishes that take a lot of skills to make so it’s definitely worth a try. Order their Sugar Coated Yam Cubes or Sweet Yam Paste to end the meal with a sweet note! 

Swatow Seafood
02-602 Lor 4 Toa Payoh
Blk 181
Singapore 310181

Imperial Treasure Fine Teochew Cuisine

Imperial Treasure Fine Teochew Cuisine Teochew Restaurant Singapore
Image Source

Imperial Treasure Fine Teochew Cuisine is a one-Michelin star restaurant. They weren’t awarded that for no good reason. In order to perfect the heritage of the Teochew-style traditional cuisine, they are hiring only the most experienced chefs and in addition to that, they only import the freshest seafood to use in their yummy dishes.

Expect an array of fresh seafood, perfectly marinated meats and yummy desserts at Imperial Treasure Fine Teochew Cuisine. A must-order dish from the menu is the classic Steamed Pomfret in Teochew Style. It’s the famous Teochew way of steaming a fish – using salted vegetables and tomatoes. This cooking method brings out the fresh, salty flavour of the pomfret. You’ll be tasting the freshest notes of the fish, together with the light, mellow taste of the minimal seasonings. It’s a really perfect combination! 

Imperial Treasure Fine Teochew Cuisine (Ion Orchard)
#03-05 ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn

Imperial Treasure Fine Teochew Cuisine (Guoco Tower)
7 Wallich Street
#02-01 & #03-01

Chui Huay Lim Teochew Cuisine

Chui Huay Lim Teochew Cuisine Teochew Restaurant Singapore
Image Source

Chui Huay Lim Teochew Cuisine is a huge, 4000 square foot restaurant situated in the Chui Huay Lim Clun on Keng Lee Road – established by the local Teochew community back in 1845. You get get the most authentic Teochew Cuisine over there because they are doing everything to ensure that all their dishes remain true to the original Teochew heritage. They even went all the way to engage a Swatow-based food consultant to authenticate their dishes! 

They have all the classics like Steamed Pomfret, Braised Duck, Cold Crab, Roasted Suckling Pig and not forgetting the signature Orh Nee. Tempted already? Now, get ready for the most authentic Teochew-style experience at Chui Huay Lim Teochew Cuisine! 

Chui Huay Lim Teochew Cuisine
190 Keng Lee Rd
#01-02 Chui Huay Lim Club
Singapore 308409

Teochew Restaurant Huat Kee

Teochew Restaurant Huat Kee Singapore
Image Source

Teochew Restaurant Huat Kee has a pretty long history counting all the way back from 1969. That means they have been serving authentic Teochew cuisine to 3 generations of Singaporeans! It’s definitely a great place for you to bring you parents and grandparents to! 

Get their Oyster Omelette and enjoy a taste of the perfectly fried golden omelette together with the fresh, briney oysters. It’s a treat for your palate and a great dish to share! If you want something light and refreshing, order the Garlic Pork. Then, like any traditional Teochew-style meal, end the meal with the ultimate, yummy and smooth orh nee! 

Teochew Restaurant Huat Kee
#02-01 RELC Building
30 Orange Grove Rd
Singapore 258352

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Cover Image by Teochew Restaurant Huat Kee

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