The Ultimate Coffee Session With Ark Coffee Singapore Founders, Bevelyn Tan & Beatrice Wee -

The Ultimate Coffee Session With Ark Coffee Singapore Founders, Bevelyn Tan & Beatrice Wee

“I would say I’m reasonably serious,” smiles Bevelyn Tan, when asked about how her personality plays a role in running a cafe. The co-founder of Ark Coffee tells us that having worked as a lawyer for some years, she needed to carry herself in a “proper” manner in front of a judge. “I also look younger than my age and am smaller in stature – these required me to learn to carry myself a certain way in the industry.” Top that with a penchant for organisation, details, as well as making numbers tally, and you have a solid foundation for running a handcrafted coffee and cold brew takeaway + delivery bar in Singapore.

“I call that part of her ‘Lawyer Bev,” jokes Beatrice Wee, the other half of Ark Coffee. Beatrice further explains that her business partner used to be reasonably proper in blouses and heels. “Now, she wears shorts and singlets to work, yells ‘Kopi-O’ and argues with me loudly for fun. I’m not organised, structured or detailed – I’m kind of rash and decisive,” laughs Beatrice.

“However,” Bevelyn promptly interjects, “Beatrice is the one that makes the other things happen lah.”

This is How The Co-Founders Of Ark Coffee Singapore Built A Great Coffee Experience For All

What led to the start and opening of Ark Coffee in Singapore? 

Beatrice: “What started off as a thought, evolved into discussions between Bev and I about how specialty coffee has this ‘atas’ (luxurious) stereotype, and I mean like in many other things in society, this was just another thing that only certain demographics could enjoy… Why did it have to be that way? Coffee is good, coffee is enjoyable, coffee is for everyone! This sparked the idea of us starting a business to do just that.”

What is the story behind the name of the company?

Beatrice: We wanted Ark Coffee to be a place where people could gather and feel safe, welcomed to be themselves whoever they are, wherever they came from or whatever their backgrounds, enjoying community, conversations and coffee. The Ark is a symbol of many coming together into a space, spending time in safety and refuge. Thus, our name.

What did you do to stay true to your business proposition and above your competitors?

Bevelyn: “It’s important to us for the business to be sustainable and make money to do whatever we want to do. But I think people really matter to us. Every teammate, customer, supplier, and people we work with at S17 kitchen… We want to be a team of reputable coffee brewers in Singapore that is involved in each others’ lives, outside of work. We’re still in touch with almost everyone that has come through the team so far.”

Beatrice: “Our business is really young, but from the start, Bev and I decided that in all the decisions that we make we would prioritize people.”

Must Try Food & Coffee Recommendations in Ark Coffee Singapore

Please share top Ark Coffee bestsellers. Why are these food and drinks so special?

Beatrice: “When I was in Perth with a friend in 2016, we had one jaffle meal. I didn’t know what a jaffle was until I received my food and was like, “We used to have this!” I never forgot it. When Bev and I were working on our menu, we were looking for something yummy and fun, yet down to earth with a comforting element. And the emotions from having that jaffle in Perth came back to me.”

Bevelyn: “The is a pressed and toasted sandwich, which the Aussies call the “jaffle.” It is basically the nostalgic ‘toastie’ that many Singaporean kids would have had – think ham and cheese between two slices of bread, toasted in a sandwich maker. A familiarity from the past, with an interesting twist! 

Our most popular jaffles in Ark Coffee Singapore at the moment are:

‘Masala tak Salah’ (Masala chicken jaffle)

‘The Fun Guy’ (Garlic Mushroom jaffle) 

‘Fowl Play’ (Pesto chicken jaffle)”

Beatrice: Drinks and pastries are also top in Ark Coffee Singapore. We do both traditional coffee and specialty coffee, and bake our own pastries and desserts. We enjoy having fun simple ingredients and whatever’s available. Recently we came up with a special drink called “La Teh” pun on Latte. It’s “teh” with “kopi” jelly. 

What are the founders’ top favourits in Ark Coffee Singapore? 

Beatrice: My favourite is the “Eggspode” jaffle. It’s a funny story; I actually had a dream of the flavours of eggs – salted egg and century egg – coming together in a jaffle. It’s like the three egg spinach Chinese dish! But smashed with mayonnaise and herbs. When I woke up my brain ‘eggsploded’ – and I knew I needed to try make it. 

Bevelyn: Curry fries with our homemade garlic aioli! Everyone who’s tried it loves our curry fries. Fries coated in our secret curry spice mix topped with fried curry leaves, served with garlic aioli. I have been eating so many fries since we started, and I cannot get enough of our aioli, hahaha. We have older customers who speak only dialect, eat our fries and ask for more of the “white white thing” or “white sauce”, referring to the aioli. 

Visit Ark Coffee Singapore for hearty café food, whether it’s for brunch, lunch or tea time! Top it off with their delicious coffees and cold brew that will not disappoint. 

Ark Coffee Singapore 
57 Lengkok Bahru,
Singapore 151057

You can also visit HERE and have Ark Coffee’s café food and coffee delivered to your Singapore address. 

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