Guide To Creating The Perfect Izakaya At Home Experience In Singapore -

Guide To Creating The Perfect Izakaya At Home Experience In Singapore

Izakayas are known as pubs where Japanese food in the form of sharing plates and drinks such as sake, beer and highballs come together. 

These quaint joints might have started in Japan, but have since expanded to be integral in Singapore. So much so that the best Izakaya in Singapore make for perfect spots for business dinners to casual get-togethers and dates.

However, dining at Izakayas in Singapore is a bit different now. As of August 12, 2021, those not vaccinated in Singapore can only dine in at coffee shops and hawker centres. The good news is you can still recreate this Izakaya experience at home with the best 2021 Japanese bar bites and alcohol deliveries in Singapore. 

Delivering The Best Izakaya Experience To Your Doorstep

Here at Urbanfindr, we believe that it is possible to recreate that vibrant and cheerful Izakaya experience from the comfort of your very own home. All you need is the right food and drink delivery options – and in this case, Japanese bar bites and sake or highballs that pair beautifully with them.

The best part? You get to pick whether you want to go full out and splurge on premium Japanese food delivery choices, stick to reliable and accessible Izakaya deliveries in Singapore, or have a mix of both.

Try These Amazing Japanese Take Outs and Sake Combos

1. The Bettership

Nosh on: Premium Japanese delivery to your doorstep in Singapore. The best Izakayas 2021 are known for their wide array of Japanese good, ranging from fresh sashimi to wagyu beef donburi – and The Bettership has them all! Whether it is Hon Maguro Don (with Bluefin Tuna, Ikura, Black Truffle, Caviar, Hokkaido Uni, Onsen Egg, or Aomori Rice) or something simpler like 

Truffle Cream Salmon (Diced Sashimi Grade Salmon and Onsen Egg slathered in Truffle Cream Sauce), pick the kind of Izakaya experience according to your mood.

Pair with: Born Gold Junmai Daiginjo’s clear crisp profiles would help balance the luxurious food options. A gold prize winner in the 2016 US National Sake Appraisal, this premium sake is best served cold. More details and buy online here.

Order: The Bettership
2 Handy Rd,
Singapore 229233

2. Gyozo Osho

Nosh on: Chinese-style inspired food with slight tweaks that inject some Japanese flavours into them. Try their Gyoza, Buta Shoga-Yaki (stir-fried pork and ginger), and Ebi Chilli (stir fried shrimp in chilli sauce). 

They also have heftier meals, like Ramens – Miso, Shio, Shoyu, and even Tom Yum – and Mabo Donburi. 

Pair with: Nothing better to say kampai with than a good highball. Have some Onikishi Japanese Blended Whisky delivered to your Singapore address and mix with club soda or ginger ale, and you’re all set! More details and buy online here.

Order: Gyozo Osho
5 #01-10 Koek Rd, 
Cuppage Plaza, 
Singapore 228796

3. Taan Asian Grill Bar

Nosh on: Perfectly grilled Japanese skewers! From Grilled Spanish Pork Collar Cubes to Fresh Grilled Oysters Topped with Minced Garlic, their yakitori skewers would not disappoint. They also offer grilled skewers packages for if you’d just like the whole deal without the fuss of choosing individually. 

Pair with: Hourai Junmai Daiginjo Iro Otoko is elegant, well-textured yet light, with a slight crisp, mineral finish – a great choice or an amazing Izakaya night (or day, we won’t judge). This medium dry award winning sake has been named as the gold choice for Kuramaster 2021. More details and buy online here.

Order: Taan Asian Grill Bar 
30 Liang Seah Street,
Singapore 189051

4. Namino Hana 

Nosh on: Chicken Teriyaki and Yakitori delights! Namino Hamo offers a variety of dishes that are grilled to perfection. Try their Yakitori Bento – coming with signature chicken meatballs, pork belly with garlic seasoning and chicken teriyaki. Served with ajitsuke egg, minced chicken over Japanese premium rice and hearty box of salad.

Pair with: Enjoy Japanese gin Kiyosuzakura Aichi Craft Gin Kiyosu delivered to your home. This Japanese craft gin is distilled from 10 kinds of selected botanicals and comes with a well-balanced flavour – perfect to pair with teppanyaki or bar bites! Serve neat, on the rocks, or with sparkling water. More details and buy online here.

Order: Namino Hana
1 Raffles Place, 
#B1-23 One Raffles Place, 
B1-23, Singapore 048616

Give these Japanese izakaya bar bites and sake in Singapore a try via our Grub Restaurant Delivery section and Bottle Shop – we’re sure you will be able to recreate that great vibe and kampai in your home. 

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