Top 5 New Craft Beers To Taste -

Top 5 New Craft Beers To Taste

Hoppy ales, decadent porters, and refreshing lagers – there is nothing like cracking open a couple of beers, whether alone or with a couple of your mates. 

If you’re a fan of all things artisanal and handcrafted, craft beers are definitely the way forward. The craft beer scene in Singapore has been steadily growing in the past few years, with more drinkers swapping the conventional Carlsberg and Tiger for exotic choices. Popular craft beers in Singapore include Barefoot Bohemian and St Peter’s Cream Stout, but there is more that meets the eye to those choices.

Bring New Exciting Artisanal And Craft Beer Experience Home

How do you choose? Which craft beer is the best for you? Floral or malty? But most importantly, how do you get your hands on these alcoholic delights? And how do you get these new and popular craft beers in Singapore so that you can enjoy them in the comfort of your own home?

Simple: pick from Urbanfindr’s trusted portfolio of alcohol and beer delivery options.

Here are a few of our top favourite craft beer picks that are bound to elevate your beer experience and have you wanting more – all available on the Urbanfindr Bottle Shop right now. Cheers!

5 Craft Beers And Delivery Options In Singapore To Try Right Now

Saint Feuillien

Blonde: A light ale that glows with a deep golden colour and gives off a smooth, frothy head. This bitter, malty beer is known for its perfumed notes – think an unmistakable hint of aromatic hops and a citrusy note made possible from the spices used in production.

Triple: This beer is for those who prefer a stronger kick. Underneath its pale amber appearance is a distinctive maltiness and rich aroma, with a unique pairing of aromatic hops and spices. Look forward to typical bouquet of fermentation and fruity aftertaste.

Brune Reserve: With a fermentation that is blended together with liquorice and caramel flavours, this darker ale gives a beautiful malty and lasting head. St Feuillien Brune won silver medals at the 2012 Brussels Beer Challenge, as well as during the 2016 World Beer Awards for the category of “Belgian Style Strong Dark.”


Rocherfort 6: Clear amber body that promises luxurious notes of mild herbiness with a touch of caramel. This Belgian brand is brewed with local spring water, pale malt and Munich malt, unmalted wheat, Hallertau and Styrian Golding hops, yeast, candy sugar and granulated sugar.

Rocherfort 8: The elder Trappist sibling boasts the delights of the Rocherfort 6 but with a delightful chocolate twist. A luxurious cloud of froth welcomes you to herbal aromas and cocoa hints, easing into by a sweetish, malty and clove-like alcoholic taste that lingers beautifully. 

Rocherfort 10: Taking things up a notch, this hazy mahogany drink has impressions of latte coffee with powerful chocolate aromas in the nose. It is strong in aroma, velvety in taste with a spicy flavour, and prides itself being full bodied and off-dry.


Red: Fun in a glass, Delirium Red appears as a light pink creamy carbonation. This sweet and fruity ale offers a soft, sour cherry aroma with hints of almond, berry, banana, and clove. Bready malt flavours and some tartness give it a good balance.

Tremens: An award winning Belgian Strong Ale that comes as a pale golden colour and a frothy white head. An aroma of citrus, pear, banana, honey and spice greet you, followed by tastes of lemon, pear and apricot, coriander, candy sugar, clove and white pepper. We can easily see it raising the ranks as a popular craft beer in Singapore in no time.

Nocturnum: The Delirium Nocturnum is more medium bodied and creamy with lively carbonation as compared to the others. It is easy on the palate, with notes of honey, banana, and anise, as well as a mild and lingering tartness.


Gold: Brewed in the heart of Scourmont Abbey, this pale gold Belgian Trappist ale has touches of hops and spicy aromas. There are also lots of fruit, with its coriander-driven spice giving the beer a summery character. Think orange peel and crusty brown bread. 

Rouge: Also known as the Red variant, this is a complex beer with an interesting mix of fig, banana, and sweet candy nuances. Its copper red body comes with a creamy head, big bubbles, and a silky sensation on your tongue. Truly an interesting bottle to open. 

Blue: The Blue is one of Chimay’s most premium bottlings. Enjoy this strong dark ale’s plethora of notes – such as nuts, dates, and raisin characters – before soaking in a delicious, lingering aftertaste of old wine, sauteed mushrooms, and toasty barley.

St. Bernardus

Abt 12: Fruity hops are the key characteristics for this craft beer. St. Bernardus Abt 12 is the brewery’s flagship beer, appearing as a deep-golden brown colour with a frothy collar. Look forward to plenty of body that is malty, bitter, and yet sweet.

Witbier: Sweet malty tastes and refreshing citrus – St. Bernardus Witbier is an incredibly versatile craft beer. Zesty tastes of coriander and orange makes it a refreshing beer to gulp down in Singapore’s humid weather. Further elevating the experience is a full mouthful and background touches of spicy cloves.

Extra 4: This new craft beer is one of St. Bernardus’ latest releases. There is a sweet fragrance of malt, paired with a wide range of refreshing, zesty and floral touches. It is a good thirst-quencher, and is suitable as an aperitif.

Give these craft beers in Singapore a try via our Bottle Shop and we’re sure they’ll find a permanent spot in your home. Looking to further up your boozy stash? Have a look at True Craft Gin and Premium Sakes

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