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Refer a Friend

We would like to reward customers (“Referrer”) with incentives when they refer new customers (“Referee”) to place an order on UrbanFindr.

⁃ Sign up for an account, and you will automatically be enrolled as a referrer.

⁃ After logging in, click on the icon on the top right corner, click on the Referral tab to get your unique referral link.

⁃ Share your unique referral link with your friends!

A successful referral happens when a new customer (i.e. referred friend) makes their first purchase on any of our online stores at our domain sites. They will have to:
  • click on the referral link that you provide to them
  • create a new account
  • complete their first purchase

You can send your referral link to any of your friends and family member that you know personally.
The referred friend has be a new customer to who has never made a purchase
The referred friend should be someone else and they should have a different email address, different credit card number and different phone number from you.

There is no limit of the friends that you refer. Please share the love and tell all your friends and family about UrbanFindr.

You can log into any of our online stores at domain, click on Account at the upper right hand corner of the screen and select Rewards.

A Qualified Referral occurs when:

⁃ The Referrer, a current customer shares the Referral Program with a person, the referee;

⁃ The Referee makes a purchase by clicking on the Referral Program link shared by the Referrer; and which the Referrer will receive a referral reward.

⁃ The Referee makes their first purchase on UrbanFindr.

⁃ Both Referral and Referee gets their unique $10 voucher code — available under the Referral tab.

⁃ A successful Referral can be rejected if we identify acts of dishonesty that violates the terms under the Friend Referral program. (ie. creating fake and/or multiple accounts)

⁃ This program is open to all individuals who are above 18 years of age, for their personal use only.

⁃ The Referee has to be a new customer with UrbanFindr with no prior purchases.

⁃ Both Referrer and Referee has to have different email addresses as well as different billing and shipping information.

⁃ The Referee must know the Referrer personally.

⁃ Once the Referee makes their first purchase, both Referrer and Referee can get their unique voucher code under “View Statistics” within the Referral tab.
⁃ What can I use my Referral Program incentives for?

– The can be used for purchases on the UrbanFindr platform. (i.e Gastro, Grub and Bottle Shop)

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Restaurant Delivery

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