Bakeries with the fluffiest breads in Singapore -
Bakeries with the fluffiest breads in Singapore

Bakeries with the fluffiest breads in Singapore

We love our carbs and that includes our breakfast essential – the toast! There are differences between the Asian and European art of bread-making. That alone gives the bread their differences in taste and appearances. Traditional European breads have a harder crust and denser body while Asian style breads are softer, sweeter and has that milky fragrance and taste. We are loving both but will save our favourite European breads for a future article. 

Bakeries are one of our favourite places to visit because the good ones smell heavenly once you step in and it takes a lot of self control to not buy too much because everything just looks so good. Toasts are usually the first thing you eat in the morning. It’s important to have an awesome one to ensure a great start to your day! In this article, we’ll be introducing some of our favourite bakeries with the yummiest and fluffiest toasts!

Wu Pao Chun 

Wu Pao Chun Best toast in Singapore
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Wu Pao Chun is a Taiwanese artisanal boulangerie founded by Master Wu Pao Chun. He’s an inspiration to many – someone who a very humble beginning but won the prestigious title of ‘Master Baker’ in 2010 Coupe Du Monde la Boulangerie. His winning bread collection are the Lychee Rose Royale (荔枝玫瑰)($21.80) and Red Wine Longan (酒釀桂圓)($21.80) – both are must tries. 

However, this article is all about our favourite breakfast toasts and we have to say that they’ve impressed us with their toast collection too! The Crown Toast ($5.20) is made with fresh milk, eggs and premium butter from Isigny Sainte-Mère. These are the ingredients that give the toast its soft and fluffy texture along with that ultra fragrant and yummy taste. 

Wu Pao Chun 
13 Stamford Rd
#01-19/20 Capitol Piazza
Singapore 178905

Boulangerie Asanoya

Boulangerie Asanoya Best toast in Singapore
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Boulangerie Asanoya’s history goes all the way back to 1933. This bakery used to cater to foreign embassies and diplomats in the small town of Karuizawa, Japan. Because of that, they’ve integrated both foreign and Japanese food culture into their baking skills and techniques, even becoming the first bakery installing a Spanish-made stone oven in the store. Their recipes still remain the same over all these years, to allow customers from all over the world to taste their authentic, tasty bread. 

If you like your toast rich and buttery, get the Golden Bread. This rich white bread is made with a generous amount of butter and fresh cream. This is so tasty, you can literally eat it just the way it is. Just toast it a little! A perfect companion with a cup of coffee. For something that’s lighter in taste, you can check out their White Bread or Wholemeal Bread. These full bodied goodness has a soft consistency and it is best to enjoy them with your favourite spreads! For the tea lovers, you’re in luck! Boulangerie Asanoya uses a perfect ration of high quality earl grey tea leaves along with condensed milk to create their highly raved Tea Bread which is best when eaten with jams and marmalade. These sweet tasting spread can bring out the unique fragrance and taste of the tea leaves. 

Boulangerie Asanoya
290 Orchard Rd
Singapore 238859

Duke Bakery

Duke Bakery Best toast in Singapore
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Duke Bakery’s founder and Executive Pastry Chef, Allen Tsai has more than 10 years of experience in baking. He was born in Taiwan, and left for Japan, France and Germany to learn from some of the best masters of the baking trade. Chef Allen Tsai had simple dream – to make the world’s best bread and share that feeling for satisfaction with people. That prompted him to create Duke Bakery along with his team of talent chefs. They now have more than 60 creative and delicious creations. 

Duke Bakery
313 Orchard Rd
Singapore 238895

Their breads are fermented using yeast that are extracted from fermented fruits. These natural yeasts has the abilities to deliver rich, healthy and unique tasting breads. If you like your bread savoury, definitely try one of their best-selling Pizza Onion Toast. It is a loaf filled to the brim with goodness – onion, chicken ham, cheese and cream. Yum! Another unique creation by the bakery is the Hokkaido Mixed Bean Toast. Generous amounts of Hokkaido beans are folded into the dough, then baked together with the toast. Get a bite of this fluffy goodness – the combination of the bread and beans is surprisingly good. 

Provence Bakery

Provence Bakery Best toast in Singapore
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Provence is a Japanese style bakery nestled in Holland Village. Long time residents, you guys should know them well! Using strict quality ingredients and quality wheat, the team of bakers at Provence bake their breads from scratch. Be assured that you’ll be getting your breads fresh out of the oven. 

Using a natural rice yeast (Sakadane) made from malted rice and water, they’ve curated the Provence White Bread. The Sakadane they use to ferment the dough brings out the natural sweetness of wheat, which in turns enhances the flavour of their signature bread. The texture also turns out soft and fluffy with a perfect density that’s bound to satisfy the bread lovers out there! 

Provence Bakery
118 Holland Ave
Singapore 278997

The Providore 

The Providore Best toast in Singapore
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This cafe, deli, bakery and grocery store was founded on the basis of discovering, creating and sharing good food. At Providore’s bakery, you can find a pretty good range of breads, cakes and pastries that are all freshly baked daily using the traditional techniques. 

Although they place a heavy focus on traditional European style breads and pastries, we gotta give their soft loaves a shoutout because they’re so good and simple. The Pain De Mie ($4.80) and Chocolate Pain De Mie ($6.80) are the two loaves to die for – soft, buttery and light. They have all the qualities of a yummy loaf of bread. The chocolate swirls in Chocolate Pain De Mie is so rich and creamy that it’s enough to make the chocolate enthusiasts crazy. Like all good breads, lightly toast the breads and have them with your perfect cuppa coffee or tea during breakfast!

The Providore
333A Orchard Road
#02-05 Mandarin Gallery
Singapore 238897

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Cover Photo by Lai YuChing on Unsplash

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