Butchers with the best fresh cuts and deli meats for the perfect stay home dinner -
Butchers with the best fresh cuts and deli meats

Butchers with the best fresh cuts and deli meats for the perfect stay home dinner

In the past few years, we have seen a rise in the number of independent gourmet butcher shops popping up around the island. What used to be an old-school establishment has now been revived by these small businesses due to the increased demand in quality and ethically sourced food. 

If you’ve just bought a new cast iron skillet and new kitchenwares in the hope of preparing your own restaurant standard steak, look no more, because we have found some of the best meat-festooned stores with quality ingredients that will satisfy your need for a perfectly home-cooked slab of fresh, juicy meat. These new-generation butchers are so going to wow you with the freshest, most premium cuts that you can enjoy at home!

Sidecar Sausages

Sidecar Sausages Singapore Butchery
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The team at Sidecar Sausages is best at producing their very own handcrafted artisan produce that are fully flavoured with all-natural ingredients. Aside from imported fresh meats, the Australian team of butchers at Sidecar craft their own deli meats, all using the old-school style. No preservatives, stabilisers – nothing artificial. 

They carry a range of fresh meats sourced from Australia and New Zealand. They also have fresh and frozen seafood including sashimi-grade Kingfish and Bluefin Tuna ($30.25 for 100g). Ready to eat items like Irish Beef Pies and Falafels are also available. However, if you can only choose one item of out of everything they offer, you have to absolutely get their artisan handmade sausages! These flavour packed babies are perfect for an intimate barbecue session. For those who prefers a milder flavour, check out the Australian Barbecue Snags ($16 for 500g) – a combination of beef and pork with really light seasoning.

Sidecar Sausages
37 MacTaggart Road
Singapore 368083

Huber’s Butchery

Huber's Butchery Singapore Butchery
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Huber’s Butchery is a family business founded by their passion and common love for quality meat and the passion to provide great tasting meat to the consumers in Singapore. Their Chairman – Ernst Huber used to be the Executive Chef of Dynasty Hotel (now Marriot Hotel) back in 1981. He was also elected as an honorary president of the Singapore Chefs Association in 2006. Believe us when we say that he knows the food industry really well! Together with the dedicated team at Huber’s Butchery, they are offering the best premium quality meat products to you, at affordable prices!

They offer different cuts of meat from beef, veal, lamb, pork and poultry. With their beef sourced from some of the best farms in Argentina, Australia, USA and New Zealand, you can be sure that you’ll be getting the freshest quality cuts. If you’re up for some ultra premium cuts, get the New Zealand Grass-fed Wagyu Sirloin ($12 for 100g) or the Australian Wagyu Ribeye Steak ($15.50 for 100g). Watch those gorgeous fat marblings on the steak melt onto the cast iron skillet while you grill them to perfection!

You’ll also find deli meats like hams and sausages in their store as well! Remember to check out their range of steak butter ($2.90) – these delicious flavoured butters are definitely going to enhance that piece of steak before you devour it! 

Huber’s Butchery
22 Dempsey Rd
Singapore 249679

Ryan’s Grocery 

Ryan's Grocery Singapore Butchery
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This premium butchery was founded out of the owners’ love for their son. His allergy to various food products prompted them to look around to source for good quality, natural food in Australia. It was over there that they found some certified small batch farm with some of the best meats. Their initial hunt for quality food has since became a business and they are now offering healthy, ethical and high quality produce for their consumers! 

For a simple grill or barbecue, get the Carbon Neutral Premium Beef BBQ Short Ribs ($33.45 for 500g). This exclusively produced meat has a consistent and distinctive natural flavour. The cattle at this Australian farm are grain-fed naturally for 100 days without any use of hormones. If you’re looking to reward your family with a great dinner, the Wagyu Beef Whole Flat Iron Steak ($102.40 for approx. 800g) is a great choice. Priced affordably and super flavourful – you really don’t need much seasoning for this one. You just need a little bit of decent cooking skills, and you’re loved ones are gonna be so happy! 

Ryan’s Butchery
29 Binjai Park
Singapore 589831

The Meatery 

The Meatery Singapore Butchery
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Founded by Singaporean husband and wife team – Renga and Sophina, The Meatery is the ultimate place for fresh, quality Halal prime meat. They realised that there was a gap in our local market for quality Halal prime meat. Renga loves his meats and is more than willing to splurge on quality, interesting cuts. They have 3 young boys and Sophina loves spending her time in the kitchen cooking delicious food for them. Realising that this was a perfect opportunity for them to start a gourmet butchery, they went ahead to pursue this dream.

With a range of Australian, USA, Argentina and New Zealand sourced meats, The Meatery can definitely satisfy all our meat lovers out there. For those passionate about the Tomahawk, check out their 100 Day Grain-finished Black Angus Prime Rib ($95.20 for approx. 1.4kg) sourced from Australia. This meaty cut has a beautiful and subtle flavour that everyone’s gonna love. Best part about this? You’re not paying for the weight of the bone! Reward yourself with a hearty piece of meat and check out the Blackmore 100% Full Blood Wagyu ($79.50 for 200g). This piece of wagyu has beautiful marblings. It will be so yummy with just a simple salt and pepper seasoning. Pair that with some quality red wine and this will be your perfect dinner. 

The Meatery
41 Sunset Way, Clementi Arcade
Singapore 597071

Open Taste

Open Taste Singapore Butchery
Image Source

Open Taste is an online marketplace with over 200 farms and food manufacturers from 6 countries. Believe it or not, they deliver the freshest food and produces to you, within a short time at great prices. This is the perfect epitome of a farm-to-table concept! If you’re looking to support independent farmers, get farm-fresh produces and meat, Open Taste is a great platform you can look out for! 

Check out the fresh chilled Grain Fed 120 Days Beef Ribeye from Australia. This quality cut is priced affordably at only $19.99 for 250g. If you’re looking at cooking up a pot of aromatic oxtail stew, get the Grass Fed Ox Tail ($13.99 for 500g). Those are so fresh, and directly air-flown from Australia. Aside from premium meats, you can also check out other grocery products and fresh produces on Open Taste as well. They have such a huge range of quality food choices and you’re definitely gonna find what you want. 

Open Taste

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Cover Photo by Victoria Shes on Unsplash

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