Guide To The Best Grills In Singapore -

Guide To The Best Grills In Singapore

Updated on 12th August 2021

Grilling, or barbecuing, is definitely one of our favourite ways to prepare our meats. Whether it’s the ultimate Texas-style barbecue, or the perfectly grilled ribs, it’s undeniable that we love our meats. They are great, but it takes a great amount of skill to make them taste yummy. No one is gonna love a piece of very dry, and charred meat, right? 

So, here’s our guide to some of the best grill and barbecue places in town. Whether you’re looking for the best steak, pork ribs or succulent and tender piece of lamb, we’ve got your back! 

Butcher Boy

Situated along the district, right beside the famous Keong Saik Bakery, is Butcher Boy, an interestingly conceptualised east meets west bar & grill inspired by the cross-cultural playground of Asia. Butcher Boy is the sister restaurant of award-winning restaurant, Cure, helmed by Andrew Walsh. Like its name, Butcher Boy serves up plates and plates of meat — perfect for the carnivore in you. 

If you are looking for a perfect classic British Sunday Roast delivered right sent to you at home, look no further because Butcher Boy delivers!

Select from different meat varieties ranging from roast beef, roast pork and roast chicken served with a platter of classic Yorkshire pudding, along with their signature Carrot Miso Mash and Szechuan Brussel Sprouts. The best thing about this luscious platter of Sunday Roast — islandwide delivery in Singapore starting from just $10 all days of the week.

If you think the Sunday Roast is too intense a meal, opt for the US Prime Beef Short Rib Pastrami that is roasted to perfection. It is served with a side of fragrant, house-made black pepper sauce. 

Order from Butcher Boy over here


Steakville features premium cuts of steaks from regions with good farming practices that are achieved through pasture raising and proper nutrition.

Fans of Japanese wagyu should check out Steakville’s Miyazaki Wagyu — served with just a simple salad and val d’elsa sea salt to bring out the natural flavour of the steak. Their dry aged beef steaks are perfectly aged, producing a distinctive and robust flavour. Perfect choice for those who loves their meat rich and tender! 

Get your carnivore steak fix from Steakville over here


Picanhas’ refers to the Brazilian cut of rump cap muscle they use in their famous Queen of Steaks. If you haven’t heard of the Picanha, it is a cut of beef first popularised in the South American region, known for its distinctive strip of fat and beefy flavours. The strip of fat is rendered to further intensify the flavour of the meat and to make it tender. With Queen of Steak bundles that are ample for up to 4 people, it is definitely a perfect at-home weekend treat! 

Available for delivery over here at our Grub store. 

WOLAA Kitchen & Bar

The meat lovers will fall deep in love with WOLAA Kitchen & Bar, a modern fusion restaurant serving up an eclectic range of Asian and Western cuisines. They are known for their fresh grills with an array of different meat choices. From everyone’s favourite roasted pork belly and crispy pork knuckle to classic barbecue pork ribs, grilled steaks and sausage platters, the choices are endless! 

Grab your meats from WOLAA Kitchen & Bar over here

WAKANUI Grill Dining

WAKANUI Grill Dining is a New Zealand concept restaurant founded in Tokyo back in 2011. They’ve since relaunched this New Zealand-Japanese fusion concept in Singapore, over at Level 4 of the West Tower in Marina One. For the meat lovers who want to taste some premium steak and lamb, WAKANUI Grill Dining is definitely one of the best places to go. 

The first-timers should get their signature steak – Ocean Beef Bone-in Ribeye ($82 for 350g). This New Zealand Angus breed is grass-fed for a total of 18 months, then grain-finished on New Zealand produced barley and wheat. The beef is then dry aged on site at the restaurant’s very own dry-aging room. Taste that premium quality, juicy and tender beef for yourself! For the lamb lovers, you should totally check out their WAKANUI Spring Lamb ($50 for half rack)! The lambs are born in the spring in the South Island of New Zealand, then raised for six months on nutritious green pastures. The meat are aged for 4 weeks before undergoing a quick freezing process to ensure customers get good quality lamb the whole year round.

The meat at WAKANUI are grilled over Japanese Binco-tan charcoal with high quality grilling techniques by their chefs. This ensures that you’ll be getting the tastiest original flavour of their steaks and lambs. 

WAKANUI Grill Dining
5 Straits View, Marina One West Tower
Singapore 018935

Meat Smith The Full Metal Smokehouse

Meatsmith has 2 locations in Singapore, one located at our very own historic Chinatown precinct and the other one at Little India. The unique thing about these two stores is that they serve different types of wood-fired barbecued cuisine. We all know different cultures have different flavours and cooking techniques. Meathouse brings your favourite barbecue from different cultures and ideologies so you’ll be killing many birds in a stone. 

If you’re craving for some Indian-style grills, check out Meatsmith Little India. They have sharing platters ($75 to $495) served with Green Mango Slaw, Biryani and Naan that can feed 2 to 10 persons. You’ll be getting everything from Pork Cheeks and Ribs to Chicken Wings, Beef Kebabs and Lamb Ribs. Your inner carnivore is gonna rejoice! 

The sharing platters  ($90 to $650) at Meatsmith Telok Ayer skew towards the famous American-style barbecue. Expect freshly Grilled Oysters, Pork Belly and even the ultimate Beef Tomahawk everyone loves. 

Meat Smith Telok Ayer
167-169 Telok Ayer St
Singapore 068620

Meat Smith Little India
21 Campbell Ln
Singapore 209894

Decker Barbecue 

Experience Texas-style barbecue and Southern hospitality at Decker! They pride themselves to be Asia’s first authentic Texas barbecue, focusing on high quality meats and the Texas tradition of low and slow smoking. They own the only A.N Bewly Smoker in Asia. Meats are all grill over wood fire, without any gas or electric grills. Authenticity at its maximum. 

Sharing platters are priced really affordably at $60 for 2 and $145 for 4. You get to choose between their signature meats and sides! We’d totally recommend the Wagyu Burnt Ends (additional top up of $5) and the Pork Spare Ribs! If you haven’t had cornbread with your grills before, you should totally try it because this combination is insanely good. Also, opt for some kale salad to add some healthy greens along with your meaty meal. 

Decker Barbecue 
60 Robertson Quay
Singapore 238252


For a barbecue date with some perfect ambience, check out SKIRT, located at W Singapore. This upscale grill restaurant serves an array of impeccably grilled meats, seafood and organic produces. Even their side dishes are out of this world. 

Seafood fans should order either the Grilled Maine Lobster ($86) served with grapefruit, cucumber and Jerusalem artichoke vierge or Grilled Market Fish (Market Price) with charred lemon vinaigrette and crispy capers. These freshly grilled seafood only needs a little bit of light seasoning to bring out their taste. You are going to be so impressed!

You can’t miss out a good steak when you’re having a barbecue dinner. Their Ribeye ($148) is a high quality cut from the Japanese Tochigi Wagyu. Those perfect fat marbles will melt into the succulent piece of meat during the grill process. Enjoy the naturally soft and buttery taste of this premium meat! 

21 Ocean Way, Sentosa
Singapore 098374

Red Eye Smokehouse

Founded in 2015, Red Eye Smokehouse specialises in authentic American Barbecue and smoking techniques. They offer a great array of classic American barbecue, sides, craft beers and even cocktails!

Their Iberico Duroc Pork Ribs are grilled to perfection, with the ultimate fat to meat ratio. Dry rubbed, smoked for up to 4 hours and basted with their in-house BBQ sauce, the meat peels off the bone easily while retaining its yummy texture. For beef, check out the Australian Beef Short Ribs. Short Ribs are one of the best cut made for barbecue smoking. Using only 150 day grain-fed meat that are so well marbled, you can ensure that you’ll be tasting some of the most flavourful barbecued short ribs! 

Red Eye Smokehouse
1 Cavan Rd
Singapore 209842

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