Surprise your Muslim friends with the best Halal food delivery in town -
Halal food delivery Singapore

Surprise your Muslim friends with the best Halal food delivery in town

It’s the holy month of Ramadan and most of our Muslim friends are fasting during the day. They definitely need something super good to break that fast. If you have Muslim friends, why not surprise them with some food delivery? We have collated a list of some of the best Halal-certified restaurants on our sunny island that everyone, including the non-Muslims, are gonna love!

The Black Hole Group: Working Title, Afterwit, The Mad Sailors, Tipo, The Co-Op

The Black Hole Group Halal food delivery Singapore
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Like us, we are sure you’re glad to see this because The Black Hole Group had combined all their restaurants to give you that ultra satisfying food experience all under one roof. It’s literally all the American, British, Italian and Mexican cuisine all in one! 

Who else is a fan of the classic British Fish & Chips? I mean, it’s so difficult to resist those fries that are fried to perfection and the freshly battered pieces of fish. If you’re looking for some wonderful British grubs, remember to check out The Mad Sailors. 

If you’re craving Mexican food, check out Afterwit! Their foods are inspired by the classic Mexican cuisine. Prepare yourself for a feast of flavourful, tangy and ultra delicious food! They have other classic favourites such as pizzas, pastas and burgers. Your tummy is gonna be so satisfied. 

You can now easily let your midnight cravings satisfied with their free 24/7 islandwide delivery with a minimum spend of $50! 

They have combined their menu into one delivery platform. You can order their food over here.


Picanhas specialises in steaks and a lot of steaks. They are also a halal owned business — so their delicious menu is great for a gathering where everyone gets to enjoy a delicious meal. 

Their basic Queen of Steaks starts at just $25, and it is a full 200 grams of their signature steak served with Binchotan Butter and your choice of Garlic Mashed Potato or Congee. If you are looking to share, they have 2 delivery bundles starting from just $92!

Order Here

Poke Theory

Poke Theory Halal food delivery Singapore
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If you think healthy and delicious food belong to two different categories, think again, and just look at these beautiful poke bowls from Poke Theory. Colourful, packed-full of the good stuff, and they are crazy yummy.

Bite into these bowls of nutritiousness – check out their signature bowls! They are flavourful and so healthy you’ll never feel guilty about having yummy food again. 

If their classic signature bowls doesn’t catch your eye, customise your own bowls and choose from their perfectly marinated pokes like the Original Shoyu Tuna, Mentaiko Mayo Salmon and the Avocado Poke (it’s vegan!).

Islandwide delivery starts from $7 with a minimum order of $40. 

Poke Theory
27 Boon Tat St
Singapore 069623


StuffedWingLab Halal food delivery Singapore
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Deep-friend boneless chicken wings stuffed with all the insanely deliciously ingredients? No, you’re not seeing things because Stuffed Wing Lab is going to satisfy your inner desires. 

Their signature Cheesy Stuffed wings comes in a set of 4 and believe us, you’re never gonna stop at one. They know it, so they are also introducing yummy bento sets only during this circuit breaker period! 

They do their own islandwide delivery, and it’s only $5 with a minimum order of $50! 

242 Jln Kayu
Singapore 799466


Konditori Halal food delivery Singapore
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If you’re looking for a little something extra for breakfast, you have to check out Konditori – an artisan European Bakery by Fika Swedish Cafe and Bistro. 

Aside from the usual sweet and savoury breads, Konditori also serves up ultra-beautiful looking bakes like tarts and scones. Into the classics? Then order some of their yummy loaves like the Cheese & Walnut Sourdough and Orange Peel Brioche. 

They have their own islandwide delivery service and it’s capped at a flat rate of $15 with a minimum order of $15. 

33 Bussorah St
Singapore 199451

The FAB Five

The FAB Five Halal food delivery Singapore
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A hearty bowl of warm, gooey and cheesy Mac & Cheese is definitely going to win our hearts over. The FAB Five has just what we need – the ultimate comfort food. They are a live food station that travels to events in different parts of Singapore. However, in lieu of the Circuit Breaker measures, they are now doing islandwide delivery!

Check out their classic Chicago-Style Mac & Cheese or if you want something more, they have some other really interesting flavours as well! Want something wonderfully warm and crispy? The Chilli Beef Nachos will make you go crazy. Once you pop a chip in, you won’t stop. 

They have their own islandwide delivery available. WhatsApp 97255970 for more details. 

The FAB Five

Cover Photo by Taylor Harding on Unsplash

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