Gourmet Burgers in Singapore: Burger Restaurant Deliveries for your Craving
Gourmet Burgers in Singapore

Satisfying Gourmet Burgers in Singapore

If burgers from fast-food chains give you joy, imagine the kind of happiness gourmet burgers provide. Burgers are one of the ultimate comfort food that all of us love indulging in once in a while — why not treat yourself to a more luxurious, not so basic version of this American classic? 

Working Title

Another concept by The Black Hole Group, Working Title initially meant nothing more than just breakfast and brunch for the guests at Shophouse The Boutique Hostel — they initially had one burger on their menu and it was literally called the “One and Only Burger”. Things happened and they have since expanded their menu. With six gourmet burgers on the list, you will probably need a few visits to try them all. 

They have something for everyone — from Classic Beef and Classic Chicken burgers to the wholesome Beef Baconator and Baaa-ger (a freshly ground lamb patty), you carnivores are in luck! Having a Meatless Monday Challenge? Check out the Magic Truffle Mushroom! 

(working title) Burger Bar
783 North Bridge Rd
Singapore 198751

UrbanFindr Picks

Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon are perfect when paired with beef burgers. Check out this bottle of Syrah from Secreto and this Cabernet Sauvignon from Protea!


That rare gourmet burger treat should be done at a restaurant that takes their meat seriously to make your calories worth it. The meat patties at MeatSmith are barbecued to perfection, sandwiched inside two pieces of soft and buttery house-made buns. 

Believe us when we say that their burgers are enormous. The first-timers have to check out the MS Cheeseburger. It’s a pretty huge one, with double beef brisket patties topped with American sliced cheddar cheese with house pickles and their burger sauce. If you are not a beef lover, check out the Fried Chicken Sandwich — it is not literally a sandwich, just a fried chicken burger, Nashville-style with a simple combination of a thick piece of Fried Nashville Chicken, pickled cucumbers, mayonnaise and shredded iceberg lettuce. Totally an American delight. 

MeatSmith Telok Ayer
167-169 Telok Ayer Street
Singapore 068620

MeatSmith Little India
21 Campbell Lane
Singapore 209894

UrbanFindr Picks

Champagne and fried chicken burgers go surprisingly well together. This modern day classic should be your go-to pairing. Check out this bottle from Jacquart.


Biseryu is a casual Japanese restaurant hidden in a corner of Far East Plaza. Since we are on the topic of burgers, Biseryu also features a menu from top Tokyo burger joint, Burgers Cafe Grill Fukuyoshi. The thick patties are made using only Kuroge Wagyu from the Japanese black cattle breed. The Avocado Quattro Cheese Wagyu Beef Burger consists of a Kuroge beef patty topped with avocado slices, a slice of Quattro cheese and tomato sauce. The explosion of different flavours from these ingredients are going to give your palate a pleasant surprise. 

With four signature burgers on the menu, you are bound to find something that suits your taste. If not, you can build your own burger — either make it really massive, or do a simple one to indulge yourself in the soft and flavourful beef patty. 

Biseryu Japanese Cuisines
14 Scotts Rd
Singapore 228213

UrbanFindr Picks

Syrahs are great when paired with Japanese Wagyu. Check out this bottle of Syrah from Le Petit Vin d’Avril.

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