AMASS is a design-driven modern nomadic brand
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AMASS is a design-driven modern nomadic brand that focuses on creating an experience of mindful drinking, and during the process, connecting like-minded people together. Inspired by the vibrance of different cities, people and distilleries, AMASS has successfully curated a brand identity that is truly unique to them.

Dry Gin by AMASS
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Their first product is a Dry Gin inspired by the natural terroir and diverse culture landscape in the city of Los Angeles. The AMASS Dry Gin celebrates the beauty of the City of Angels by using indigenous botanicals like the California Bay and Cascara Sagrada. These fresh citrusy notes are combined with earthy Reishi Mushroom and Lion’s Mane Mushroom along with Juniper to curate a complex flavour profile unique to the AMASS Dry Gin. To end things off, ingredients with heavier flavours like Hibiscus, Cardamom, Cacao and Ginger are used to paint a vivid palate of the rich multicultural fabric of the city.

AMASS's second product Vodka
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AMASS’s second product is a Vodka, also inspired by the power of botanicals and distilled in the style of Aquavit. It is a light, elegant bottle that pays tribute to the Nordic drinking tradition and Copenhagen’s long summer evenings and longer winter nights. The AMASS Vodka is distilled in Copenhagen, where they use a method that is perfect for capturing the essence of botanicals. Marigold, chamomile and fresh lemon zest are the key ingredients that imparts that soft and smooth mouthfeel that can only be experienced with the AMASS Vodka. 

Morgan McLachlan, their Master Distiller and Chief Product Officer, is the lady behind these amazing spirits. Her childhood was spent exploring the forest in the Canadian Pacific Northwest, where she grew up in. It was during that time where she forged that passion and fascination toward nature and botany. She has a decade of experience distilling and developing botanical-based spirits for many celebrated Southern California-based spirit brands. AMASS is her brainchild, where the duality of convention and innovation led her to develop a line of modern, classic spirits. 

Here are a 2 simple cocktails you can make at home with the AMASS Dry Gin and AMASS Vodka.

French 75

A simple classic French 75 made with the AMASS Dry Gin.

45ml AMASS Dry Gin
20ml Fresh Lemon Juice
15ml Simple Syrup
30ml Champagne 
1 Lemon Slice

Pour all ingredients into a shaker except lemon slice, and shake them up well. Add ice to taste, being careful not to diluter the cocktail too much. Pour into a glass and top with lemon slice. 

Apple Spice and Everything Nice

You will probably have the ingredients in your pantry for this simple and refreshing cocktail.

1 cup AMASS Botanic Vodka
2 cups Apple Cider
0.25 cup Lemon Juice
Soda Water, to taste

Pour all ingredients into a large pitcher and stir. Add ice to taste, being careful not to dilute the cocktail too much. Make it into a spritz by adding a splash (or more) of soda water.

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