The Urbanfindr Scoop: Autumn Sake -
Autumn Sake

The Urbanfindr Scoop: Autumn Sake

NOW is the Best time for Sake!

Sake is great for any time of the year, but traditionally, the “official” season for sake is during autumn when the air starts to get cooler and the leaves start to fall. 

You might question whether the “sake drinking season” is a fad, but there is logic behind this. In the past, Sake was brewed in the winter months, then bottled during the springtime. While you can drink them right away, it is believed that when you let the flavours mingle and age in the bottles for a bit, the sakes start to mature and the flavours are better expressed. The process takes approximately 6 months, and this is why autumn is deemed as the best time to savour sakes. 

Urbanfindr Picks: Hatsumago Autumn Sake

With autumn sakes just arriving in Singapore, be amongst the first few to savour the Hatsumago Moniji Roman Autumn Junmai Hiya-Oroshi and Hatsumago Kagaboshi Autumn Junmai Daiginjo, from your UrbanFindr store.

A distinctive characteristic about autumn sakes is, they have very clear, crisp and distinctive flavours, but are mellow in taste. So Delicious on their own, they taste even better when paired with a variety of different dishes. 

Hatsumago Autumn Sake

Tasting Notes: The Hatsumago Kagaboshi Autumn Junmai Daiginjo is a premium Daijinjo grade sake that has a firm taste and scent of ginjo that tastes best enjoyed when served chilled.

Hatsumago Moniji Roman Autumn Junmai Hiya-Oroshi

If you prefer something that is more mellow, the Hatsumago Moniji Roman Autumn Junmai Hiya-Oroshi is the one for you.

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