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Locals Supporting Locals

Keep SGUnited: Locals Supporting Locals

Help save our local restaurants, cafes and bars in Singapore. We are Singapore grown so we truly care about the interests of other local businesses.

With the stricter measures from PM Lee’s announcement, we know that the battle between F&Bs and the coronavirus is not going to get easy any time soon. We want to help as much as we can without taking any more than we need. We are all about building a relationship that helps each other succeed.

We want to help businesses big and small survive through this tough time.

Here’s what we’re going to do:

  1. Help diners find restaurants and bars that do self delivery. This helps put more money into the pockets of the F&B business.
  2. An advanced search function to search our directory for F&B with cuisine, price, delivery options that you want. You can even search for special dishes.
  3. Help diners find the food they crave for and discover new restaurants.

Through these steps, we hope we will be able to bring Singapore diners closer to their restaurants. You can help by suggesting restaurants, cafes or bars that you think we should list.

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