What Other Plans Do We Have? -
What other plans do we have

What Other Plans Do We Have?

If you are wondering, what else can your directory offer me besides a list of restaurants that can deliver – here is how we want to help. We want UrbanStories to be the directory for people to discover Singapore. This is more than just restaurants! We want to educate people about everything in Singapore – the hidden F&Bs, different neighbourhoods in Singapore, upcoming events and well, anything we possibly can!

From local to local

For those who live here, let us help spice up your life a little! Perhaps when we can finally head out into the town, we can explore a new place that isn’t Orchard. Take a walk in a new area and see things we never noticed before!

Our goal is to spread news and feature businesses with cool ideas and not creating articles just because we were paid to do so. We want to show off new innovations from businesses and help them spread it without a big editorial cost.

Looking for more? Here’s one article we think you might like: Keep SGUnited: Locals Supporting Locals

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