How We Want To Help Local Restaurants -
How We Want To Help Local Restaurants

How We Want To Help Local Restaurants

We understand the struggle and here’s what we can do for you.

If you didn’t read our first article about how the coronavirus is impacting F&B businesses, you can check it out here. It will definitely help explain why we are doing what we are doing.

UrbanStories is not about creating an app for food deliveries. We are about creating a platform for F&Bs to do their own deliveries so that they will be able to earn the most from these deliveries. We understand the struggles of trying to survive on these platforms. We see that and we want to help.

We also know that for the customer, it’s not easy to google all the restaurant near you, look at their menu, find the right dishes you want, etc. We get that! It’s a lot more convenient to just have it all in one platform and just scroll. We all love things that make life easier!

This is why we did what we did… Which was to combine the convenience of food delivery apps and our mission to help F&Bs survive through the crisis.

What we're all about
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What we’re all about

UrbanStories is the platform for consumers to scroll through and pay the restaurant directly. There will be no additional costs on our sides for drivers and other services, just a basic platform fee. We won’t even take additional fees like feature fees to promote businesses we love!

Help us help the businesses in need during these times! Don’t you want to see your favorite restaurants survive through these hard times?

If you are a business interested in joining our platform, you can easily do that by signing up.

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