How Has COVID-19 Impacted Local Businesses? -
Find how COVID-19 Impacted Local Businesses?

How Has COVID-19 Impacted Local Businesses?

Singapore has gone through many measures in attempts to curb the coronavirus. In an effort to limit the spread of infection, the government has put in the country in a circuit breaker where only essential businesses are allowed to operate. While this meant that many F&B could remain open, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the business will survive.

As many patrons can’t dine in and walk-ins are no longer allowed, many businesses struggle to survive as they cannot afford their fixed costs such as rental without earning their keep. Furthermore, as more people turn to delivery, businesses who do their own deliveries end up having to pay unnecessary costs.

While we might see the convenience of using food delivery platforms to order our meals, these platforms are not always the best for the business who need to conserve cash.

For many businesses on these apps, they tend to see less traction unless a discount is offered and might have to suffer from additional costs such as any disputes between the customer and restaurant. However, this isn’t sustainable in the long run as they won’t be able to keep up with all the costs.

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At UrbanStories, we understand the struggles these businesses face. We want to help them by creating a directory for restaurants who do their own delivery to help reduce their costs. So, let’s try and help our fellow Singaporeans in the essential work industry to survive and continue running their business after Coronavirus.

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