Experience Authentic Taiwanese Tea Culture in Singapore -

Experience Authentic Taiwanese Tea Culture in Singapore

The Taiwanese Tea Culture

Taiwan is famous for their teas, with a long history dating back to the 17-18th century. Taiwanese teas have came a long way since then, especially so when they have such an awesome geographical climate for optimum tea production, making Taiwanese tea leaves one of the most expensive tea leaves in the world. The Taiwanese Oolong tea is highly regarded by tea connoisseurs worldwide. 

With the market now shifting towards the bubble tea trend, it is very common to see bubble tea shops popping up everywhere in the world — even in Singapore. This demand is what attracted Hey Long Cha to arrive on our sunny shores. 

Hey Long Cha — Quality beverages made with premium Taiwanese Tea Leaves

Hey Long Cha, founded by certified Tea Master, Duke Lin, was established in 2007 with the aim of promoting and bringing the taste of quality Taiwanese tea to the world. They had since expanded to China and Vietnam, and have now arrived on our shores with their Signature Boba Milk Tea as their star product. 

The team behind Hey Long Cha oversees every step of their business, including the stringent sourcing of tea farms, the processing of their tea leaves all the way to creating new products from time to time. This ensures their constant 

When we mention Taiwanese beverage, a wholesome cup of Boba Milk Tea comes to mind. Hey Long Cha’s rendition of this traditional Taiwanese beverage, also their star product, is brewed using Earl Grey Tea which is known for its rich flavours, for an even more satisfying experience. 

To keep up with the ever-changing market, Hey Long Cha’s great variety of beverage choices include the Creme Cheeso series, refreshing fruit teas, tea-based crushed ice and interesting non-caffeinated beverages like the Mango Coco Yogo and traditional Taiwanese beverages like the Winter Melon Herbal Jelly Ice. Also, give their unique Kumquat Lemon Black Tea a go — especially in Singapore’s hot weather, this sweet and sour refreshing beverage is definitely a great thirst-quencher! Other signature drinks include the Baked Oolong Milk Tea and Peach Alishan Tea. 

Tea is considered a daily beverage of choice for the typical Taiwanese, and we can definitely see this trend in Singapore in the recent years as well! Hey Long Cha’s not-so-typical Taiwanese beverages are made with premium tea leaves and ingredients sourced from Taiwan. Reward yourself with a cup of Hey Long Cha with exclusive discounts and islandwide delivery with UrbanFindr. 

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