Japanese Omakase at just $100 – You Read That Right! -

Japanese Omakase at just $100 – You Read That Right!

Fine dining lovers and fans of Japanese cuisine are in for a treat with The Bettership’s bountiful Omakase menu. One of the most affordable Omakase experiences in town, this delightful Japanese restaurant has partnered with the UrbanFindr to deliver a sumptuous experience directly to your dining room!

Helmed by Chef owner Shaun Giam, known for his other restaurant concepts (The Betterfield, Steakville) and a Private Dining Chef, The Bettership has a faithful following. What makes Chef Shaun stand out is his reverence for top quality produce and the deep rooted respect of Japanese cuisine, deftly reflected in all his creations – at affordable prices.

The Japanese phrase Omakase (Japanese: お任せ) took root in the 1990s to “cater” to the newly  affluent of Japan’s bubble economy.  Unfamiliar with the “high culture” of sushi, they craved for accessibility to high end sushi restaurants despite not knowing about fish.  This resulted in a change of sushi culture  where embarrassment was spared and the phrase Omakase  translating to “respectfully leaving another to decide what is best”,  grew in popularity to refer to a meticulously crafted meal, curated by a head chef.

It is in this same spirit that we dined at The Bettership (prior to the current Phase 2 Heightened Alert) and deferred to Chef Shaun for an 8-course meal. Here are the highlights…

We started with Hyogo oysters, freshly flown in from Japan. Served 2 ways – topped with mentaiko, and,  ponzu with spring onions – this opened up our palate to welcome the Truffle Somen with generous slithers of truffle.  

Next came the Silken Tofu, slathered with Kani miso (crab paste) from Hokkaido, topped with Ikura – an umami bomb!  Delicately grilled scallops with hints of miso mayo and wakame followed.

Of special mention is the Smoked Otoro with Onsen Egg, presented with fanfare. Smoke from applewood chips delivered via a smoking gun into a glass of Otoro. The combination of the tuna belly, savoured together with the liquid egg yolk – sheer joy.

Our favourite was the Miyachiku A5 Wagyu Don. Beef lovers will be familiar with Miyazaki wagyu. Chef Shaun takes it a notch higher by serving their Japanese wagyu, sourced directly from the prized artisanal Miyachiku farm, Miyazaki. Served Sukiyaki style with a dollop of Belgian Royal caviar, and Ogawa sea urchin, this was truly an exalted experience…

Now that you’ve got a glimpse of an Omakase set from The Bettership, isn’t it time to plan your next date night at home for an unforgettable Omakase encounter, with splendid sakes from the UrbanFindr bottleshop?  Go on, we know you want to!  

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