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What exactly is UrbanFindr and how we were founded

UrbanFindr is an all-rounded gastronomy platform with services ranging from restaurant delivery, wine tasting events and we even have our very own Bottle Shop — an alcohol delivery platform with Cold Chain logistics offering wines, sakes and spirits from unique brands that are rare and hard to find in Singapore. 

The platform was founded by Yung Sheng Lee in 2019 on a simple basis of entertaining, and helping people find the right food and drinks to pair. The world of gastronomy is so big and fascinating — it can get intimidating at times. That is where we come in. We work with professionals and industry insiders to help you understand and showcase the things that you love.

“I was blessed with friends and sommeliers that really taught me how to taste and how to pair. But how could we share that with people?”


Exploring the world in our Bottle Shop 

Best bottles from around the world

Yung’s love for food and drinks had led to the founding of UrbanFindr, along with our very own cold-chain operated Bottle Shop where a desirable temperature is controlled at every stage of the logistic chain to ensure quality and freshness of our products. Those are not your usual wines and spirits though, we carry a range of global artisanal brands that are harder to find in Singapore. 

Products include Ryan Reynold’s Aviation Gin, Singapore’s very own award-winning Brass Lion, contemporary Californian AMASS gin and vodka and modern Californian wines from 1000 Stories. UrbanFindr also focuses on European wine terriors so you can also find products from Spanish winery Marques de Tomares, French wines from Domaine De La Janasse and even Chilean wines from Almaviva and Don Melchor

If you are looking for authentic Scotch Whiskeys, we have them too! Check out Benrinnes and Lauder’s. Sakes are the new black, and to name a few, we have fine sakes from Hatsumago and Rokkon

All these products are readily available on the Bottle Shop, while stocks last. 

But if you want some everyday wine recommendations, here’s our take. Our founder, Yung, is really proud of the range of Portuguese wines we carry. Portugal is a wine region that a lot of people are unfamiliar with. Our Bottle Shop carries exceptional, quality wines from Zambuejeiro that are reasonably priced but full of pleasant, unusual flavours from native Portuguese grapes that even the seasoned-drinkers are surprised at. 

“We can’t travel right now, and food and drink is such a big part of that travel experience. We are really blessed that we can find a lot of great food and a lot of wines from all over the world here. What we are seeing in the restaurants is that people are buying better quality wines, drinking more interesting wines. They are willing to explore and try something different. When you are drinking a wine from a certain region, it sort of takes you away.” 


Restaurant Delivery 

We partner with restaurants to bring you some of the best food experiences to your doorstep. If you are a food adventurer, our restaurant delivery platform is something you should totally explore. We have partnered with restaurants like Afterwit Bar de Burrito to showcase their modern Spanish cuisine and bar Milano for that authentic Italian experience.

That is not all. We have The Bettership, Gyoza no Ohsho, Steakville, Praleum, Rebellious and long-established Japanese confectionery, Yoku Moku on our delivery platform as well!

Our Sommeliers and Wine Tasting Events

UrbanFindr works with talented, award-winning Sommeliers to curate pairings for the brand at our events. To name a few, we have Fazil Mohamad, one of Singapore’s most reputable Sommeliers. He was crowned the 2017 Champion for the Ruinart Sommelier Challenge Singapore and Champion in the Singapore National Sommelier Competition 2014. 

Wine journey with UrbanFindr

We also have Joshua Kalinan, our Sake Sommelier who got bestowed the title of Sake Sommelier of The Year by Sake Sommelier Association in 2018. He was also one of MasterChef Singapore’s finalist back in 2018. 

Together with our Sommeliers, we have taught so many people how to pair and enjoy their drinks at our Wine Tasting Events during the past year.

We are also looking at working even more closely with our partner restaurants to  launching our restaurant delivery with our Bottle Shop delivery in the near future. This is perfect for those who want to experience and share the joys of food and wine pairings comfortably at home. 

Look out for us, and follow us on our social platforms for the latest updates! 


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