Spoiling That Special Someone With These Splurge-Worthy Gifts -
festive gift ideas

Spoiling That Special Someone With These Splurge-Worthy Gifts

If you have been scrolling online for the past few weeks, racking your brain for festive gift ideas but have not gotten around to actually getting anything, we feel you! You are now, however, looking at the right article because have got the goods right here on UrbanFindr.

For the chocolate connoisseur 

Rum and chocolates are perhaps one of the best combination one could ever taste. This particular pairing exudes the wonderful, creamy flavour in chocolates while accentuating the smoky, fruity and toffee-like flavours in rums. High quality rums and single origin chocolates is the way to go. A great tip is to pair older rums with chocolates with a higher cocoa percentage, preferably more than 70% and the younger rums with milkier, sweeter chocolates. 

Single orifgin chocolates
Marou artisan bean-to-bar chocolate brand based in Vietnam

Marou is an artisan bean-to-bar chocolate brand based in Vietnam. Their range of single-origin chocolates are sourced directly from local cacao farmers from different Vietnamese regions and made with 100% local ingredients using artisanal production methods. Taste the differences for yourself, as the environment of the bars’ origins directly affect the taste of their final products. You will be in for a pleasant surprise — and chocolates are definitely the perfect Christmas nibble for anyone!

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For the wine aficionado

For the wine aficionado

While getting a good bottle of wine might be a great choice for the wine obsessed, a better gift would be a fine bottle with a pair of quality crystal wine glasses from Riedel. Both the wine and glasses are the perfect additions to glam-up that Christmas party! This combination never goes wrong.

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For the adventurers 

Americal gin collection

Gin is probably one of the most versatile spirits one can ever have in their pantry. It is definitely a practical gift for those who love a little bit of adventure. Yes, the gin & tonic is a classic but no, there are tons of other recipes out there you can try! With just one nice bottle of gin and a few other simple ingredients, you can get creative, trial and test with different spices and who knows, you might just fall head over heels in love with a new secret recipe! 

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