Buy Sake Online Singapore: Japanese Sakes Bottles for Cool Kids
Japanese Sakes for the cool kids

These bottles of Japanese Sakes are for the cool kids

Japan is so well-loved by visitors all over the world. One of the main reasons is the abundance of cultures and traditions throughout this amazing country — these fascinating sights can only be found in Japan. 

On the other spectrum, however, Japan is also a country the younger generations are very much in love with. Tokyo for example, is a fashion city full of trendy fashion districts and world-famous homegrown streetwear brands like Mastermind, Neighborhood and Undercover, just to name a few. 

Yamamoto Akita Royal Straight Flush

Aside from fashion and music, Sakes are also gaining popularity among the younger crowd. This bottle of Yamamoto Akita Royal Straight Flush is a great epitome of “Sake for the younger generation” 

Yamamoto san, 4th generation owner and Toji (Master Brewer) of Yamamoto Gamei managed to brew this audacious bottle of sake using 5 rice varietals and 5 different yeast strains — in the hope to encapsulate the sake terroir of Akita. This bold move was not surprising for the former rock band manager. He wanted to shock the sake world by doing something that no one has ever done. 

And he did it. The result of the Yamamoto Akita Royal Straight Flush is a super balanced silky and smooth textured sake with fresh, fruity notes of white peach, nacho pear, cherry, light jersey caramel, candy apple along with a slight spicy tinge of star anise. 

Pharrell X NIGO Sake Storm Cowboy Junmai

bottle for the fashion enthusiasts

Here is a bottle for the fashion enthusiasts. Japanese street fashion label Human Made celebrates its first Kyoto store with a line of sake. The Pharrell Williams X Nigo Sake Storm Cowboy Junmai is a collaboration between American singer Pharrell Williams and NIGO (founder of BAPE and Human Made). 

This minimalistic bottle houses a premium Junmai with 14.5% alcohol content. Described as having a “sweet and sour taste similar to the flavour of muscat with a strong flavour of juicy rice”, this is definitely a sake that is unique to the palate. The stronger flavours of this sake makes it a good pairing with lighter dishes like white-fleshed fish and sashimi.

Get your Pharrell Williams X Nigo Sake Storm Cowboy Junmai at our Bottle Shop now. 

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