The Best Vietnamese Pho Delivery in Singapore -
Best Vietnamese Pho in Singapore

The Best Vietnamese Pho Delivery in Singapore

We have specially curated a series of articles to feature restaurants with their own delivery services. This is our initiative to support and encourage our local businesses during this difficult period. Check out this article to understand and learn more about our initiatives.

Pho, like we all know, is the national dish of Vietnam. If you haven’t tried it before, you definitely should because we can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t like this simple and comforting dish! The origin of Pho hailed from Northern Vietnam way back during the mid-1880s. This is literally a fusion dish with French, Chinese and Vietnamese influences. The rice noodles and spices were imported from China while the light beef broth is the Vietnamese rendition of “pot au feu” – a French beef stew.

To put in simply, pho is basically just a dish of rice noodles in a beef broth,  and topped with beef slices along with a side of green chillies and lime. The southern style pho (the one that are more commonly seen in Singapore) is slightly different as it is topped with more aromatic spices like mint leaves, fresh basil, cilantro as well as bean sprouts. 

So, if you are craving a hot piping bowl of goodness, here are some of our favourite Vietnamese Restaurants with really good pho in Singapore!

Vietnamese Delight Pho 99

Vietnamese Delight 99 Best Vietnamese Pho in Singapore
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Vietnamese Delight Pho 99 is a humble little restaurant located at Telok Ayer Street that serves up an array of delectable Vietnamese Pho. 

Imagine tender beef slices with fresh beansprouts and mint leaves served on top of an aromatic beef broth, yum. If you aren’t into beef, don’t worry! They have duck and chicken pho that are equally delicious as well – there’s gonna be something for everyone. 

Vietnamese Delight Pho 99
57/58 Amoy St
Singapore 069883

Uncle Ho Tuckshop

Uncle Ho Tuckshop Best Vietnamese Pho in Singapore
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This casual restaurant in Pasir Panjang serves traditional Vietnamese-style street eats mainly in the Hanoian style. Pho is the national dish in Vietnam, and it is definitely in Hanoi where you can always find the best pho around. Uncle Ho Tuckshop definitely won’t disappoint! 

Want a little bit of everything? Order their Beef Combo Pho and you’ll be in for a treat! You’ll be getting an assortment of beef slices and beef balls in a hot piping bowl filled with rice noodles, mixed herbs and beef broth. If you are up for something heavier on the palate, get their Spicy Beef Stew Noodle Soup. It’s like the usual pho, but with a little spicier kick!

Uncle Ho Tuckshop
Old Behn Meyer Building
100 #01-04 Pasir Panjang Rd
Singapore 118518 

Super Ngon

Super Ngon Best Vietnamese Pho in Singapore
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Super Ngon also means “super nice” when translated into English and we’d totally agree with that because this noodle cafe is serving up some really traditional, authentic and delicious Vietnamese food! Be rest assured that you’ll be getting the real deal because their food are all prepared by passionate Vietnamese chefs. 

They have a series of beef and chicken pho that you can choose from. Get your pho with either the traditional rice noodles or if you want more bite to that delightful bowl of pho, you can opt for the glass noodles as well. Think the weather’s too hot and not in the mood for a big bowl of hot soup? They serve delicious bowls of Chicken Dry Noodles as well! 

WhatsApp 91526622 or visit their Facebook Page for delivery information. Free delivery within 2km. 

Super Ngon
466 Crawford Ln
Singapore 190466

QUAN 4 – District 4

Quan 4 also means “District 4” when translated into English. The city of Ho Chi Minh is generally divided in Districts and District 4 is the smallest district within the city and it is where some of the most delicious food can be found within the city. However, although we are not in Ho Chi Minh City, we still have our own Quan 4 here in Singapore – an authentic restaurant that serves up really luscious Vietnamese cuisine!

Aside from the traditional beef pho, they have the chicken and as the Seafood & Pork Noodle version too! If you are up for something a little different, give them a try! It’s definitely gonna be a refreshing treat. 

QUAN 4 – District 4
Interlocal Centre Building
100G Pasir Panjang Rd
Singapore 118523

Mrs Pho

Mrs Pho Best Vietnamese Pho in Singapore
Image Source

Mrs Pho pays tribute to all the Vietnamese women who are usually the best cooks in the family. The food served at Mrs Pho is definitely more than just a mean – it’s going to be a total heartwarming experience where you get a true and genuine Vietnamese experience. 

Keeping true to the original Vietnamese tradition, they only have one version of the original Slice Beef Pho on their menu. It’s really just the traditional tender sliced beef on top of a delightful bowl of hot beef broth and rice noodles. Very simple, but so very yummy. 

Mrs Pho (Beach Road)
349 Beach Rd
Singapore 199570

Mrs Pho House (Rangoon Road)
221 Rangoon Rd
Singapore 218459

Mrs Pho (VivoCity)
Singapore 098585

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Cover Image by Sharon Chen on Unsplash

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