Portuguese Wines Singapore: How To Pair Wine with Food
Portuguese wine vineyard

Pleasures of Portuguese wines – gems that are accessible to all!

The Portuguese wine culture has been under the radar until recently.  Most people think of the famous fortified Port when we discuss Portuguese wines. But in fact, their non-fortified wines are the real gems with really thrilling and wonderful flavours if you are game enough to try them. Their diverse terroir in Portugal is home to quality vineyards that cultivate indigenous grapes varietals with exceptional flavours — so you can expect to find wines in diverse styles from the full-bodied elegant reds to dry, crisp whites. You will be bound to find a bottle or two you like. 

In today’s article, we showcase cult Portuguese wine brand, Quinta do Zambujeiro. Using both conventional and biological farming practices, they have managed to find the best way to cultivate their vines without the usage of herbicides and other nasties. They are firm in keeping their vineyards small, with low yields in order to maintain the quality of their grapes and producing wines with highly concentrated flavours and taste. 

The first step to winemaking is picking the grapes. Their grapes are first gently handpicked, then transported in small plastic crates before they are macerated skin-on for up to 6 weeks, to extract their tannins and colour. They are then fermented in steel cases and matured in French oak barrels for up to 2 years before bottling. No filtration or refining is involved during the whole process. Quinta do Zambujeiro’s wines are made to age slowly to perfection. 

In the next part of this article, we got our resident Sommelier, Fazil MD, to comment on the following two bottles from Quinta do Zambujeiro – Monte do Zambujeiro Tinto 2016 and Terra do Zambujeiro Tinto 2016.

Our Sommelier Picks

Monte do Zambujeiro Tinto 2016

This is a blend of 5 different grape varieties, resulting in an opulent and luscious bottle seductively perfumed with exotic flowery bouquet, red berries and some pepper. Expect a slightly soft and creamy mouthfeel with a solid structure and fine-grained tannins with lovely, sweet fruity flavours on the tongue and an end notes of exotic flowers and red fruits. 

What Fazil has to say about this bottle

An opulent and luscious wine with a very dark violet – red. Intense flowery bouquet with an exotic touch, red berries fruit and some pepper. Mouth filling, lovely sweet fruit on the tongue, solid structure with fine grained tannins, long lasting aromatics, ending with again some exotic flowers and red fruit.

Food pairings with Monte do Zambujeiro Tinto 2016

Great with grilled meats like deer, venison and boar. This bottle is definitely the best companion at a barbecue party.

Terra do Zambujeiro Tinto 2016

Also a blend of 5 different grape varieties, this bottle is a full-bodied, creamy wine with plenty of fruity flavours. Solid structure of fine-grained tannins keep the wine together. Notes of violets and wild flowers along with long lasting taste of berry fruits and vanilla. Great for aging at 15ºC with flavours intensifying over the next 10 years. 

What Fazil has to say about this bottle

Terra is a hidden gem of Europe. Located in the South of Portugal famous golf course region Alentejo it reflects the true terroir of the hot conditions. A 90+ points wine at a fantastic value.

Food pairings with Terra do Zambujeiro Tinto 2016

Goes well with meat dishes, pastas and it is also in an excellent condition to be drank on its own.

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