Places where you can get the best good ol' classic cheesecakes in town -
Places where you can get the best good ol’ classic cheesecakes

Places where you can get the best good ol’ classic cheesecakes in town

Do you still remember that time when you tasted your first cheesecake? I mean, that must have brought such a great surprise to your tastebuds! The sweet, tangy and creamy taste is so insane it’s indescribable.

We are not sure about the true origins of the cheesecake. There are lots of different renditions of this classic dessert from different parts of the world. There’s the Italian Tiramisu, French Neufchâtel cheesecake and the Japanese Spongy cheesecake – too many to list! Basque (Burnt) Cheesecake is the rage now but we are never gonna forget about those good, creamy classic cheesecakes! Here’s a list of our favourite cheesecakes in town that you’ll never want to miss. 

LeTAO Singapore

LeTAO SingaporePlaces where you can get the best cheesecakes in town
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We all love the intricate details and different layers of delicious flavours that can usually be found in delicate Japanese desserts. If you didn’t know already, LeTao, a modern classic confectionary founded in Otaru back in 1998 definitely has one of the best cheesecakes in the world. 

If you haven’t tried any of their cheesecakes before, get the best-selling Double Fromage Cheesecake ($28). The main ingredient in our usual cheesecakes is cream cheese. However, this star product from LeTao is made with quality, silky smooth Italian Mascarpone Cheese – we can already see that quality and effort! Made with 2 layers – rich, baked cheesecake on the lower layer and no-bake cheesecake on the upper layer. Once you get a bite of this ultimate deliciousness, you’re going to feel those layers melting like snow in your mouth. The rich but light milky taste totally brings the cheesecake game to another level. 

Hooray, chocolate and matcha lovers! Their cheesecakes come in the Chocolat Double ($28) and Matcha Fromage ($35) too! Don’t worry, these flavours are also some really awesome double-layer goodness. The Matcha Fromage is available from 28th May 2020, and comes in limited quantities. 

LeTAO Singapore
2 Orchard Turn
#B1-K7 ION Orchard

Classic Cakes

Classic Cakes Places where you can get the best cheesecakes in town
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Classic Cakes is a humble bakery nestled cosily in a little corner of Clementi Arcade. We love how simple and straightforward their name is. It’s like their bakes – classic, timeless, nostalgic and memorable! 

We love how their cheesecakes are smooth, creamy but still light on the palate. Their cheesecakes come in 3 flavours, Plain Cheesecake, Marble Cheesecake, and Blueberry Cheesecake (although sometimes we can see Mango and Oreo cheesecakes when we visit their store). All of them are equally delicious! Simple, very straightforward, and is definitely a dessert everyone will love. 

The Plain and Marble Cheesecakes retails at $55 for 8″ Round, $85 for 10″ Round and $110 for 10″ Square. The Blueberry Cheesecake retails at $60 for 8″ Round, $90 for 10″ Round and $120 for 10″ Square.

Classic Cakes
41 Sunset Way
Singapore 597071

The Patissier 

The Patissier Places where you can get the best cheesecakes in town
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The Patissier is a boutique bakery founded in 2000. Their confectioneries are made with the marriage of traditional French baking techniques, modern baking methods and quality ingredients. Known for the famous Passion Fruit Meringue, their bakes are always inspired by elements from different epicurean cultures in Asia – so be prepared for a rich and yummy dessert journey! 

Pining For You might be their classic cheesecake, but it’s definitely not that classic cheesecake you are imagining right now. They added pineapple into the cake base (thus the name, nice pun!), put that on top of a crunchy caramelised macadamia nut base and tada, a unique but really fresh and light twist to that good ol’ cheesecake. If you are looking for more, try the Opposite Attracts – this cake is made up of a base of Oreo crumbs, cheesecake layer and a layer of silky and milky panna cotta – all lightly flavoured with palm sugar. The different layers of flavours are definitely going to surprise your picky tastebuds! 

Their cheesecakes retail at $50.29 for 500g and $98.44 for 1kg. 

The Patissier
4 Mohamed Sultan Rd
Singapore 238955

D9 Cakery 

D9 Cakery Places where you can get the best cheesecakes in town
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D9 Cakery, located at the lobby of Hilton Hotel Singapore is that place you’ve always wanted to go for a relaxing high-tea session. Luxe and beautiful furnishings with a gorgeous 6 metre showcase featuring artisanal pastries, cakes, and other delicately baked goods. What’s there not to love? They don’t just look pretty, they’re ultra delicious as well! 

Do you know what’s their signature bake? No prizes for getting it right but… yes, it’s the 100% Philadelphia American Cheesecake ($10 a slice). Comes in 3 flavours – Classic American, Blueberry and Walnut. This range of cheesecakes are baked fresh daily, using a 45-year-old American cheesecake recipe with 100% Philadelphia Cream Cheese. Mmmm, we love American Cheesecakes and this is one of the places in Singapore where you can get some classic good ol’ American style cheesecake! You definitely wouldn’t want to miss it. 

D9 Cakery
Hilton Hotel
581 Orchard Road
Lobby Level
Singapore 238883

Fluff Bakery 

Fluff Bakery Places where you can get the best cheesecakes in town
Image Source

If you’re looking for cakes with a warm, classic homemade taste, Fluff Bakery is the place to go. Their founder, Nursyazanna Syaira first started baking as a hobby. In 2012, she decided to pursue this hobby further, turned it into a full time job and founded Fluff Bakery – the quaint, cosy little bakery with some of the most amazing desserts (and cheesecakes, of course). 

For that ultimate guilty pleasure, check out the Nutella Cheesecake Bar ($5.50). I don’t think we need to explain further. The combination of Nutella and Cream Cheese brings you to dessert heaven. You’ll surely be getting a slice (or 2… maybe 3?) of joy. Also, Fluff Bakery is 100% Muslim owned and that means they’re Halal-certified!

Fluff Bakery
4 Jln Pisang
Singapore 199071

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Cover Photo by Tina Guina on Unsplash

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