Wine Guide: Make a Sustainable Difference With Your Wine Purchase
Organic wine Famille Perrin

Make A Sustainable Difference With Your Wine Purchase

The global winemaking industry is a lot larger than we’ve ever imagined. It’s so huge that this industry alone is expected to generate a revenue of over USD$400 million by 2023. With such a gigantic market capacity, the environmental impacts caused by wine production might be a lot larger. We all love a good glass of wine, but have you ever thought about the sustainability issues that went into that bottle you’ve just bought? 

Sustainability is a wide topic in general. But in agriculture and viticulture, it usually cover good practices like fair wages to workers, energy conservation, reduction in carbon emissions and proper waste management. 

Sustainable Vineyards

Organic wine Famille Perrin

A good bottle is often traced back to the grapes that are used to produce them. Yes, we are talking about the vineyards. A lot of work and effort are put into ensuring the grapes grow well in perfect conditions and to produce bottles that are high in quality. Keeping a vineyard healthy is a huge challenge due to uncontrollable external factors like the weather and seasons. 

Another widely debated topic about sustainability is the usage of herbicides and pesticides. These chemicals seemingly “protect” the vineyards from infestations. However, they are not only causing bioaccumulations of chemicals in various animals, these are also contaminants that degrades the soil and our environment. 

A lot of winemakers are now going for a more sustainable approach by going green. Various organisations also provide certifications to vineyards with green practices. With that many factors to consider, going all out to be an “organic” brand isn’t easy at all.

What Goes Into Organic Wines

Organic wine Famille Perrin

When you see a bottle labeled as “organic”, a lot of extra effort goes into that bottle. Instead of harmful chemicals, farmers are using beneficial insects and natural fertilisers to ensure better, and more sustainable yields. These practices can bring huge amounts of benefits to our environment in the long run. Think – huge carbon footprints reductions and better waste management systems that can be applied throughout the whole industry. Most importantly, the market can develop a better sense of social responsibility that can in turn, generate awareness to educate consumers about the green concept.

Famille Perrin is one of the leading wine growers in Southern Rhone Valley, in France. They have vineyards in the best terroirs among the region. Also, by placing their main focus in organic viticulture, they capture the true essences of the grapes, giving the most natural flavour expression in their final wine products.

Like this L’Oustalet VdF Organic Red from 2016 – a perfect blend of certified organic Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre and Merlot. These are what give this bottle its medium bodied, earthy notes with black olive aromas. You can also catch a whiff of the ripe, chocolaty scent that comes naturally from this bottle. 

An End Note

Consumers these days are more aware about the concept of sustainability in their daily lives, which include their purchases. They are also a lot more open to trying out brands that are promoting a greener and more sustainable culture. These practices are accumulated from the wine producers to the consumers and vice versa. This is a great phenomenon that we believe can contribute to even more beneficial behaviours in the long run. 


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