Skincare Tips: What are the Benefits of Matcha Tea for Your Skin
Incorporating Matcha Into Your Daily Life

Incorporating Matcha Into Your Daily Life

The popularity of matcha has grown so tremendously the past few years that it has reached superfood status among the health junkies. This finely milled green tea is incredibly versatile – it’s easy to use as an ingredient, and can bring about various health benefits in the long run.

What Exactly Is Matcha? 

Matcha is the only type of tea that makes use of the whole tea leaf, which is then dried and finely milled into powder form. There are typically two main types of matcha – ceremonial and culinary. If you’re looking at consuming matcha straight or using it in lattes, the ceremonial grade matcha might be a better choice because it has naturally richer and sweeter flavours. Culinary grade matcha is usually used in cooking, baking and food preparation in general. It’s often used as an ingredient to complement the flavour in baked goods, or as an extra topping on yogurt and smoothies. Culinary grade matcha has a lower price tag as compared to the ceremonial grade matcha but is still a great source of antioxidants and minerals. 

Here’s how you can easily utilise matcha by making small (but delicious) changes to your daily routine.

Kick Off The Morning With Matcha

If you’re determined to kick that coffee addiction, you should start incorporating some matcha into your diet. Opt for a matcha latte instead of your usual latte. A serving of matcha has way more antioxidants as compared to a serving of coffee, and it will bring about great health and anti-aging benefits in the long run.

Matcha also contains catechins, a compound that helps to fight against bad breath and teeth stains.

Upgrade Your Bakes 

Matcha is also good as an all natural flavouring and colouring agent. The unique and natural flavours from matcha is a great complement for a lot of desserts. We now have cafes and restaurants serving traditional desserts with a twist of matcha. Think matcha tiramisu, matcha soufflé and matcha croissants. The shade of green also enhances the visuals of the baked goods naturally as well!

Matcha For Skincare

We’ve mentioned previously that matcha is rich in antioxidants. The Japanese know this, and have been using it for skincare since the olden days. It’s been proven effective because matcha naturally contains chlorophyll that has natural anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore it is really good for those with acne prone skin. Furthermore, matcha is so natural so it soothes and reliefs the skin. A super ingredient that’s great for all skin types!

You Don’t Really Need Those Complicated Ingredients

You might have seen people using traditional equipments like the matcha bowl, bamboo whisk and scoop to make matcha the traditional way. However, it doesn’t really matter whether or not you have those since you can simply use the common utensils you have in your kitchen. Using them will not alter the taste of the matcha. 

Here because you’re curious about this traditional yet modern ingredient? We hope we’ve convinced you to give matcha a try. Plus, it’s a healthy upgrade – so why not?


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