Covid-19 Pandemic: How to Support Local Businesses in Singapore
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Give your favourite local restaurants a hand!

Small, independent businesses in Singapore

There are a lot of independent F&B businesses on our sunny island, bringing that one-of-a-kind culture that you can only experience within your local community. We are sure that you have a favourite local hangout that is so unique that you can’t wait to show off to your non-local friends – a hangout you can’t find elsewhere. 

Right now, they are facing a major crisis. With the recent Covid-19 pandemic, restaurants and F&B outlets had to make urgent changes to their business models and that is costing them a lot of resources. We don’t know how many of them will survive through this but that is definitely impacting them in a pretty negative way. 

How to support a small business 

If you are asking, “How do I give my support to a local restaurant?”, it’s really easy and is something that can definitely be incorporated into your daily life. It is as easy as getting your usual morning latte from a local coffee joint instead of Starbucks. You benefit from getting freshly roasted coffee probably from fair-trade sources and the coffee joint benefit by keeping those dollars you spent within the local economy. 

Also, it doesn’t help that third-party food delivery services are charging them a huge amount of commission. The best thing you can do is actually to just order directly from the restaurants, pick-up the food yourself and save them from the extra charges!

This is where Urban Stories comes in! Our search filters enables you to search for your favourite restaurants online. Order directly from the restaurants in our directory. You get super delicious yummy food while those independent restaurants gets a higher share of margin to sustain their business! That’s pretty much a win-win situation, right? 

Right now, small businesses are sustaining by doing what they can. Yes, they might be struggling right now due to the Circuit Breaker measures but will definitely prosper and bring competitive advantages within economy with your support. 

Remember, the support needs to be a long-term one in order for it to be effective! Think of the vibrant local culture you get to create and have a share in, and the carbon footprints that you are reducing, that contributes to the sustainability of the overall environment. 

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