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Gourmet pizza Singapore

Best Gourmet Pizzas in Singapore

Pizza is one of our ultimate comfort food. I mean, who doesn’t love a great humble slice of the pizza pie? We do! Since we’re gonna bust our calories on pizza, let’s not waste them on mediocre ones. We’re talking about those premium stone-oven baked and hearty ones that are pretty difficult to find on this sunny island – and you get to have them delivered to your doorstep. Perfect. 

Da Paolo Dempsey

Da Paolo Dempsey Singapore pizza
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A traditional Italian restaurant with a modern twist. What’s there not to love? 

Get some handstretched pizza made on the spot, and baked over a traditional Italian wood-fired oven. Sounds good? We think so too! The exclusive Italian Caputo “00” flour and a slow fermentation process gives Da Paolo’s pizzas a soft and bubbly crust that taste so divine especially when they are scattered with fresh, delicious toppings. If you want something light, go for the classic Margherita. It’s a cult favourite and it sure doesn’t disappoint. 

Da Paolo Dempsey
#01-13 Dempsey Rd Blk 8 
Singapore 247696


Lino Pizza Singapore
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LINO is a well-known pizza place among the residents in Binjai Park and it is famous for a reason – they specialise in handmade pizza that are made using classic techniques so you’re definitely going to get some pretty authentic pizzas right here in Singapore. 

They have the simple ones like the Salami Picante to the really hearty ones like the Seafood Pizza topped with a generous amount of tiger prawns, scallops, squid and clams. Wow! 

7 Binjai Park
Singapore 589821

Blue Label Pizza & Wine

Blue Label Pizza & Wine Singapore
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Blue Pizza & Wine might just be your new favourite neighbourhood pizza joint. Their acclaimed stone-fired pizzas are going to satisfy your tastebuds! 

Remember to get The Original Famous Pizza that consists of a scrumptious five cheese blend, then topped with fresh tomatoes and basil. That combination, together with the thin and slight charred crust will definitely satisfy you to the maximum. 

Blue Label Pizza & Wine
28 Ann Siang Rd
Singapore 069708

Madrinaa Italiano

Madrinaa Italiano Pizza Singapore
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Madrinaa Italiano is a humble Italian restaurant located within the stretch at Chip Bee Gardens. The pride themselves in serving authentic Italian food. If that isn’t special enough for you – you definitely have to try their signature tomato-based pizza crust. Their pizza menu is so extensive, we really don’t know which one to choose because everything looks so good. 

Behold, vegetarians! They have a range of pizzas just for you. The Perugia Pizza is topped with eggplants and artichoke amongst other deliciousness. We’re sure non-vegetarians are going to love it too. 

Madrinaa Italiano
Blk 44 Jln Merah Saga
Singapore 278116

La Braceria

La Braceria Pizza Singapore
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La Braceria is a humble Italian restaurant founded by Chef Fabio. If you are looking for some hearty, authentic Italian food, La Braceria definitely fits the bill. 

Their Margherita is a simple pizza and their secret lies in their flavourful sauce and light but chewy thin-crust. If you are looking for something that is heavier on your tastebuds, opt for the Alla Bismark and get ready for that wonderful combination of mozzarella cheese, ham, eggs and creamy truffle! 

La Braceria 
5 Greendale Ave
Singapore 289501

Cover Image by Aurélien Lemasson-Théobald on Unsplash

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