Famous Wagyu Katsu Sando arrives on our shores -
Wagyu Sando Singapore

Famous Wagyu Katsu Sando arrives on our shores

Fatty wagyu steak encrusted in panko and served between two slices of heavily buttered white bread – how does that sound? Well, that’s the wagyu katsu sando (sandwich). This off-menu special was originally created by Japan’s master of wagyu, Kentaro Nakahara, who served this dish at the now-shuttered Sumbiyaki Shichirin. It’s pretty difficult to find a good wagyu katsu sando in Singapore due to the pricier ingredients. However, we now have some good news for our wagyu lovers! Ghe famed wagyu katsu sando had found its way ashore our sunny island! 

If you’re ready to pay premium for a good sandwich, you gotta do your homework. So, read on for the list of restaurants we’ve found that serve this highly raved wagyu sandwich in Singapore! 


Wagyu Katsu Sando Singapore Kabuke
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Kabuke is nestled on the second floor of the famous heritage-rich shophouse along Telok Ayer Street. This Japanese bar has an interesting array of sakes and contemporary Japanese cuisine. Sake lovers will also be delighted. They boast a fine collection of sakes that are sourced from prefectures all across smaller breweries in Japan.

Chef Rio Neo helms the kitchen at Kabuke. He’s the one behind those fresh, premium dishes served at this gastrobar. Aside from their famous wagyu bowls, you can find a good Japanese Wagyu Sando at just $58. This item is fortunately, a mainstay on their menu. A premium slab of A4 Kagoshima wagyu striploin, light wasabi cream cheese and cherrywood-smoked salt are all sandwiched between two slices of Hokkaido milk toast. So good.

Telok Ayer St, 200a
Singapore 068638


Hiryu Wagyu Katsu Sando Singapore
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The dishes at Hiryu are pieces of art. Their head chef, Raymond Tan, is known for his contemporary and modern culinary techniques. Using only fresh produces, then elevating them with modern cooking techniques, you can expect some yummy and aesthetically pleasing dishes at this contemporary Japanese restaurant. 

If the usual panko-crusted wagyu is a little too heavy for your liking, you’ll like this one because it is not crusted – just simple, toasted white bread with a fatty piece of char-grilled wagyu sandwiched in the middle. $58 for their Hiryu Wagyu Sando isn’t too much, considering the fact that they are using a quality piece of A5 Mizayaki Wagyu with a fresh, creamy & briny uni (sea urchin) spread in this premium toasted sandwich.

39 Tras St
Singapore 078978

Gyu & Tori

Gyu & Tori Wagyu Katsu Sando Singapore
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They are a specialty purveyor of Premium A4 Mizayaki Wagyu reared without antibiotics or hormones. A good news is that they have super affordable cuts of wagyu since they buy whole cows direct from Japan. At about 30% cheaper than local Japanese supermarkets, you can now enjoy your premium beef to the fullest. 

You can get their Original Katsu Sandwich at only $9.90. A chunky wagyu beef patty coated in a crusted panko mix is sandwiched between two slices of thick buttered toast. The tonkatsu sauce drizzled over the meat also complements the sandwich really well.

Gyu & Tori (Paragon)
290, Orchard Rd
Singapore 238859

Gyu & tori (Raffles Place)
China Square Food Centre
51 Telok Ayer St
Singapore 048441

Fat Cow

Fat Cow Wagyu Katsu Sando Singapore
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The founder and head chef at Fat Cow, Shigeru Kasahima, had been honing his culinary craft for the last 17 years. With exciting experiences in Russia, USA, Dubai and Malaysia, his diverse experiences travels beyond the traditional Japanese cuisine. He is known to be good at employing French influences in his unique creations. If you’re a fan of fusion cuisines, his creations are definitely gonna surprise you (and your tastebuds). 

With only 3-4 limited portions a day, The Fat Cow Wagyu Sandwich is definitely a premium dish at the restaurant. At $88 (on the ala carte menu), this sandwich is filled which a gigantic slice of thinly breaded Miyazaki A4 wagyu stripling. Indulge in the combination of smooth, fatty beef and buttered toast along with a tangy sauce that goes so well with the sandwich. 

Fat Cow
1 Orchard Boulevard
Camden Medical Centre
Singapore 248649

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