Best Martini Recipes You Can Make At Home

Martini Recipes You Can Make At Home

“I like to have a martini,
Two at the very most.
After three I’m under the table
After four I’m under my host.”

Mori Martini
Credit: Jazz Samba

We love it bone-dry, like the wit of satirist Dorothy Parker. Absolutely agree with Ernest Hemmingway, “I’ve never tasted anything so cool and clean… They make me feel civilized” (A Farewell to Arms) and reminisce with glee, that Three – Martini lunch in Mad Men.

In honour of this icon, the precursor of cocktails, we celebrate World Martini Day this Saturday! The bars may still be closed in Singapore but we can commemorate this day with a party for 5 at home… more of this later.

Unlike this clear tipple, the history of the Martini is fraught with murky claims. Some believe that it was created in California during the Gold Rush of the mid 1800s with the birth of “The Martinez Special”.  Others assert it originated in New York’s Knickerbocker Hotel, whilst yet another group contend that it was named after “Martini and Rossi” vermouth.

Regardless, the Martini continues to be popular, and stands out with panache.  Yours truly has traveled Asia in search of her holy grail – the perfect Martini (gin based, to boot!). And, finally found it in Tokyo’s Ginza.  Welcome to Mori Bar, an intimate den dedicated to the Japanese art of free pour, helmed by 75 year old Takao Mori.  This gentle septuagenarian wrote the book on the Martini, known as Martini-ism and is highly revered in Japan. Really.

Takao Mori
Credit: Jazz Samba

He makes it a point to personally create his Mori Martini for guests, specifically using the robust British gin Boodles, along with Dolin or Routin dry vermouth.  The final result – the perfect Martini, served in a delightfully chilled, diamond etched coupe, replete with a plump green olive – in true classic style. 

Inspired? Kick-start your Party of 5 this Saturday, 19 June for World Martini Day and channel your inner Martini mixologist with these easy recipes of the most popular martinis at home. Join the club of Martini lovers the world over or simply imbibe while watching re-runs of Hollywood movies…

UrbanFindr “Perfumed” Vesper 

Here’s to our favourite Bond girl – Vesper, of Casino Royale fame who’ll live on forever in the lexicon of cocktails. We know you love 007’s “shaken, not stirred”, so shake it up as you pay homage…

What You’ll Need Per Drink

Booze: 2 oz *Gin, ½ oz *Vodka and ¼ Lillet Blonde or Cocchi Americano
Garnish: Lemon Peel
Stemware: Champagne coupe or classic Martini glass


  • Chill stemware
  • Pour Booze over ice into huge mixing glass & shake until super chilled
  • Strain into stemware; garnish with a slice of lemon peel
AMASS is a design-driven modern nomadic brand

For a lighter, naturally perfumed version of this classic Martini, we recommend:
– 29 botanicals including California grapefruit, Bay leaf and mushrooms. Complex, floral and naturally perfumed.

*AMASS Vodka – In true Nordic drinking tradition, this vodka is redolent of Marigold, Chamomile, Lemon and distilled on an Aquavit still.

UrbanFindr Riff on the Three-Martini Lunch: Gibson Singapore Style

Let us set the scene for Saturyay!  Whether you’re a Don Draper or Donna Draper, at whatever place on the spectrum or not, here’s our riff on the (in)famous Three-Martini Lunch. As this can be hard-core, we recommend lining your tummies with our island-wide food delivery, just saying. 

What You’ll Need per Drink

Booze: 2 ½ oz *Dry Gin, ½ oz dry vermouth
Garnish: 2 to 3 cocktail *pearl onions + onion brine
Stemware: Champagne coupe, classic Martini glass or for full-on nostalgia – Babycham glass (go ask your grandmother or mother)


  • Chill stemware
  • Pour Booze over ice into huge mixing glass, add a bar spoonful of onion brine & stir well 
  • Strain into stemware; garnish with pearl onions

For our uplifting UrbanFindr Gibson Singapore Style, we recommend:
*Brining your own pearl onions or tiny red shallots in vinegar (white or apple cider), with a lick of brown sugar, a kiss of white soya sauce for the umami oomph!

*Dry Gin: Aviation – Smooth & easy, Juniper forward. 

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