6 Best Japanese Restaurants In Singapore With Islandwide Delivery -

6 Best Japanese Restaurants In Singapore With Islandwide Delivery

There is just something about Japanese cuisine that makes it so comforting, especially after a long, hectic week at work. Japanese cuisine never fails to warm our hearts, souls and bellies! 

With working from home set as the default, perking up the week with treats is a must! Having a comforting Japanese meal at home in loungewear actually sounds better than dining out. That warm bowl of ramen, fresh sashimi and dons that are filled to the brim — delicious! Check out our list of Japanese restaurants that delivers islandwide in Singapore! 

Gyoza Osho

Discover that familiar authentic taste of old Japanese-style Chinese cuisine at Gyoza Ohsho. Dishes are made with quality ingredients, so this is probably your next go-to Japanese restaurant if you are searching for the ultimate comfort Japanese food!

Their extensive menu consists of different Chinese-style inspired food with slight tweaks that inject some Japanese flavours into them. Like the But a Shoga-Yaki (Stir-fried pork and ginger) and Subuta (sweet and sour pork) that are going at only $10.70. If you are craving ramen, they have the typical Miso ($16.05), Shio ($14.98) and Shoyu ($14.98) ramen or the not-so-typical ones like Tom Yum ($17.12) and super spicy Hell’s Ramen ($17.12). 

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Gyu Nami

Gyu Nami, famous for their affordable Japanese-style dons is now here on the Grub platform! This casual Japanese-style restaurant is headed by young and passionate foodies who want to bring quality and fresh gourmet food to us at affordable prices. 

They’ve done it with their massive bowls of Roasted Wagyu Beef Donburi that costs only $17. Not convinced yet? Then try it! A bowl of rice is topped with slices of tantalising wagyu, and crowned with an egg for that extra oomph. Remember to also check out their Salmon (Aburi) Mentaiko Doburi, Ungai Donburi and Salmon Sashimi Donburi as well! 

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Namino Hana

A casual Japanese restaurant serving up some of the healthiest, but still really delicious Japanese-style bentos that fill you up in a less sinful way. Their bentos are served with premium Japanese rice that we all love. If you’re looking for homemade style Japanese food, Namino Hana is the one! 

The Chicken Teriyaki Bento ($13) is their specialty — the first timers should totally try it. The pork lovers would love their Yaki Butabara Bento ($14.50), Iberico Pork Bento ($16) and Butabara Bento ($14.50). Feeling seafoody.  Fancy fish? Check out the Seabass Bento ($17.80) — a simple but freshly grilled seabass with sea salt and pepper, served with mushroom atop a bed of premium Japanese rice. 

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Menya Kaiko

This one is for the ramen lovers! A bowl of piping Sapporo ramen is super comforting. Men-ya KAIKO uses 3 types of miso to blend out their special soup base along with 3-days old aged noodles that are so chewy, you’re gonna crave another bowl!

Their top-sellers are the Hokkaido Kaiko Ramen ($13.70) and Char Siew Ramen ($17.70). If you are not in the mood for soupy noodles, check out the dry Tsukemen that tastes just as good! The vegetable lovers are also in luck — their Vegetable Ramen ($14.98) and Miso Butter Corn Ramen ($17.98) are also the crowd’s favourites. 

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The Bettership 

The Bettership specialises in simple, casual dining. They are very passionate about the food they serve and are constantly looking for ways to deliver better, fresher food to their customers. Quality, fresh and delicious food? Try out The Bettership. 

Their delivery menu is full of delicious donburis. Want your salmon torched for that extra fragrance and flavour? Get their Aburi Donburis — available in Mentaiko Salmon ($18.90), Truffle Cream Salmon ($19.90) and Miso Mayo Salmon ($18.90). We bet that salmon lover in you is letting out its inner screams. Beef lovers should totally check out their Wagyu and Black Angus Dons that are affordably priced at $22.90 to $25.90. 

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Taan Asian Grill Bar

Savour your Japanese skewers from Taan Asian Grill Bar. Their menu is inspired by Japanese izakaya taverns with food cooked to perfection. 

Do not miss out on their Grilled Spanish Pork Collar Cubs ($3.21) — a pork skewer marinated in homemade garlic sauce, then grilled to perfection. Other izakaya-inspired dishes include the classic Chicken Nanban ($13.91), Grilled Oyster ($8.56), Mentaiko Pasta ($16.05) and the yummy Japanese Garlic Fried Rice ($7.49) that are all must-order items from the menu! 

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Whether you are craving for a ramen or a bento, we have it all on our delivery platform. Everything’s listed out for you over here so you don’t have to think too much — make your order, sit back, relax and wait for your food to arrive right at your doorstep! Be it a weekday or a relaxing weekend, you deserve a good and comforting Japanese meal. So order away right now! 

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