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Best Homegrown Cookie Brands That We Are Loving Right Now

We don’t know what is it about cookies, but they surely hold a special place in our hearts. There’ll be bound to be some moments when that craving hits. Oh, and we’re not talking about the usual cookies from Subway. We mean those wholesome, freshly-homemade ones. The Circuit Breaker measures increased our stay-home time a lot more. While some of us continued doing what we’re doing, albeit in the comfort of our own home, some home bakers made use of this perfect opportunity to grow their businesses and had since seen success — with some of them planning to shift operations to central kitchens, and some already did. 

Just what’s so good about these homegrown cookie brands? Well, looking at their reviews and photogenic bakes, we’re sure these bakeries are gonna satisfy your cookie crave.


Ordering from Whiskdom might be a huge challenge. They have an over 2000-pax wait-list with bake boxes getting sold out within minutes of a launch. We could totally see why. A bake box consist of 3 cookies and 3 brownies of different flavours (flavours are rotated, and vary weekly). 

Imagine locally-inspired flavours like Tutu Kueh and Teh Tarik in the form of a molten-filled cookie. There you go, a flavour burst in every bite. 

Fiona, the founder of Whiskdom is planning to ramp up her production capacity with a central kitchen really soon — it’s still fastest fingers first, but at least you’ll have a higher chance of getting a box in the near future.


Folks & Stories

Folks & Stories is not your typical confectionary. You can instead, refer them to a baked goods company & creative studio. Developing novel and interesting flavours, incorporating them using a rustic baking style and transforming them into super delicious gooey cookies is what they do. 

N°1 Salt of the Earth is the first cookie they’ve created their cookie range had since expanded into other interesting flavours like N°17 Best Friend (yuzu cheesecake & brown butter) and N°11 Care Bear (strawberry cheesecake & crumble). These flavours don’t sound like the usual cookie. They feel like an ultra wholesome 3-in-1 dessert. 

They sell out whenever they open order slots for a box of random cookies with same-day delivery. So, better hurry. 

Folks & Stories

Of Feast & Field 

Of Feast & Field is a local bakery inspired by the rustic beauty of slow, simple living and minimal Japanese aesthetics. Every single bake is made from scratch, first starting from the procurement of quality ingredients to the hand-folding of every individual boxes. They look so beautiful, and are definitely gift-worthy if you’re looking to surprise a fellow cookie lover like you. 

With cookie doughs aged for 96 hours and filled with quality ingredients — think Valrhona chelates and Isuzu-grade matcha, they’re worth the wait. Of Feast & Field hold regular bake sales — so be sure to subscribe to them for the latest updates. 

Of Feast & Field 

If you think regular cookies are too small to satisfy you, you’ve got to give the ones from Nasty Cookie a go. They have American-sized cookies that are crunchy, chunky and chewy — a cookie dream come true. 

Some of the best sellers are the Biscoff Cookie, Oh! Smores and the Red Velvet crumble. 

You can get a box of any 6 cookies for $30, with islandwide delivery. However, a good news for those who can’t wait — they are physically located at Funan Mall. So Cookie Monsters out there, you can check them out right away. 

Nasty Cookie
Funan Mall
107 North Bridge Rd
Singapore 179105

The Famous Amos fans will love this —small, innocent-looking cookies that have you popping them into your mouth one after another. But fret not, because Cookie Mixx has a collection of crispy cookies that are reduced in sugar, and are baked without added preservatives. 

Comes in classic flavours like the Belgium Chocolate Chunk, Triple Chocolate Chip and also modern favourites such as Sea Salt Chocolate and Earl Grey. 

Cookie Mixx
ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn
Singapore 238801

Cover Photo by Food Photographer | Jennifer Pallian on Unsplash

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