Beat the heat with the best ice cream parlours in Singapore -
best ice cream parlours in Singapore

Beat the heat with the best ice cream parlours in Singapore

What’s better than some colourful, lively and deliciously-looking tubs teasing you behind a glass case while you savour that insane aroma of milky cream and brown butter? The next thing you can do is to just hurry up and choose a flavour! Or two… maybe three? Whether you like your ice cream in a cone piled high with gleeful scoops or an ultimate ice cream sundae loaded with your favourite toppings, we’re gonna have everything you’re looking for in this article! 

We have a list of our favourite ice cream places to help you find some of the yummiest pints around the island. So, what are you waiting for? Let us dive right into the article to grab that perfect scoop!


Apiary (eh-ppe-er-ree) is a simple, honest and humble specialty ice cream parlour founded by Travis Goh and Brian Lee. Travis is the ice cream and pastry maker while Brian takes care of the back end of the business. Their ice-creams are made of dairy products pasteurised on site. No synthetic chemicals are added to their ice creams and sorbets. You’ll be tasting all the real stuff, with creamy consistencies that are to die for. 

Apiary best ice cream parlours in Singapore
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If pretty pastel colours are your kind of thing, check out their Blue Milk ($15 for a 500ml tub). This best seller is basically just a milk based ice cream infused with blue pea flowers – the ingredient that gives the ice cream its beautiful, pastel-y light blue colour. That touch of Himalayan pink salt also brings out the simple flavour of the ice cream. When you’re at Apiary, you have to get the Apiary ($17 for a 500ml tub)! This exclusive flavour cannot be found anywhere else. The simple combination of wildflower honey ice cream and caramelised cocoa nibs is definitely nothing you’ve ever tasted before – so, definitely try it! Other interesting flavours that caught our attention are the Despicable and Bounty (both are $17 for a 500ml tub). 

84 Neil Rd
Singapore 088844

Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique 

Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique   best ice cream parlours in Singapore
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Do you like your desserts sophisticated and delicately perfumed? If your answer is yes, head over to Birds of Paradise to savour some exotic ice cream that are flavoured using natural and botanically inspired ingredients – fruits, flowers, herbs… Sounds beautiful already? 

The people behind Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique are so proud of their food culture that they pay homage to their ice cream by infusing herbs like basil and blue ginger into their gelatos, introducing interesting flavours into their products in the process. 

For the chocolate lovers who are dead serious about their chocolate ice creams, check out the Midnight Gianduja ($20 a pint). We are pretty sure the classic combination of hazelnuts and dark chocolate works every single time. Remember how some of us were obsessed with the packets of chrysanthemum tea when we were a kid? Well, then you have to try the ice cream version! The White Chrysanthemum ($17 a pint) is infused with chrysanthemum florets and sprinkled with cacao nibs for that extra burst of flavour. 

We spy delicious flavours like Spiced Pear, Lychee Raspberry and Strawberry Basil (all at $17 a pint) too! 

Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique 
63 E Coast Rd
Singapore 428776

Bing Bing Ice Cream Gallery best ice cream parlours in Singapore
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Bing Bing Ice Cream Gallery was founded in 2004 – a small but mighty ice cream company specialising in the production of small batch ice creams, sorbets and frozen yogurts with reduced sugar. Their ice creams are made from fresh, natural ingredients without any eggs or trans-fat. Also, the sugar used in their products are organic and unrefined. With all their flavours developed in house, they ensure that all their ice creams are intense with a rich and creamy flavour. 

We are all familiar and very much in love with the combination of pandan and coconut – they have it in the form of ice cream! Also, try the Earl Grey and Fig. This is a really unique combination we’ve never seen before. The addition of figs definitely elevates the taste of the earl grey ice cream base. A few other flavours worth checking out are the Horlicks Almond, Salty Peanut Butter and Nutella Cheesecake. 

Bing Bing Ice Cream Gallery
4 Hillview Rise
#02-08 HillV2
Singapore 667979

Holy Cow Creamery 

Holy Cow Creamery best ice cream parlours in Singapore
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Next on our list is Holy Cow Creamery! An honest-to-goodness place for your sugar fix, Holy Cow Creamery is definitely one of the best-kept secrets on our island. Whether you are looking to savour a delicious dessert or just want to satisfy that sweet tooth with some drool-worthy waffles, Holy Cow Creamery has it all!

They have curated an array of classic and modern flavours, with a lot of influences taken from our local desserts. If you’re a true blue local who is obsessed with our local food, check out flavours like the Salted Gula Melaka Soursop Sorbet ($12.50 a pint), and Ondeh Ondeh ($16.50 a pint). For the experimental ones, we’d totally recommend the Honey Comb, Earl Grey Lavender ($12.50 a pint), Kiwi Vodka Sorbet and Creme Brûlée ($16.50 a pint). 

Holy Cow Creamery 
292 Yishun Street 22
Singapore 760292


Lickers best ice cream parlours in Singapore
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The people behind Lickers believe that is something about ice cream that’s bigger than food (we’d love to think that way too!). Good ice creams can let a person be in the moment since it’s bound to make people smile – and over at Lickers, they just want you to be happy at their space, and to take some time away from our busy world. 

A few of their best-sellers include the Classic Cheesecake ($10.50 for 400g) and Rockmelon Yogurt ($13.50 for 400g). Classic Cheesecake is a marvellous combination of gooey cheese spread, oatmeal cookie crust and salted butter cream. We can’t wait to sink our teeth into this sweet and savoury goodness already! The Rockmelon Yogurt is a perfect treat for our whole year round of summer. Ripe rock melon is infused into tart, icy greek yogurt, giving you that nostalgic taste of the old school Rockmelon Sago dessert. 

Try the other fun flavours like Lychee Rose ($10.50 for 400g), Blueberry Crumble and Oolong Lavender ($13.50 for 400g)!

124 Hougang Avenue 1
Singapore 530124

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Cover Photo by Erwan Hesry on Unsplash

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