The Perfect Guide to Christmas Food and Wine Pairings by UrbanFindr -

The Perfect Guide to Christmas Food and Wine Pairings by UrbanFindr

Are you looking to explore some new bottles of wine for your next Christmas feast? It can be a nightmare… or not, if you take a look through our handy guide specially curated by our sommelier to aid in your Christmas wine pairing wagon. This article features the Christmas must-haves along with the sommelier recommended wines you can easily get with just a few clicks on our bottle shop.

Wine Pairing with Ham

Nothing shouts holiday like a massive log of Christmas ham. This dish, however, is usually slightly heavier on the flavours. It would be great to pair your hams with wines that are slightly on the lighter and sweeter side, with bold touches of fruit and plenty of acidity. 

Sommelier recommends: Reyneke Biodynamic Chenin Blanc 2019

Wine Pairing with Turkey

A turkey is pretty mild when savoured on its own. Fancy roasted turkeys however, is not the case. They are usually stuffed with flavourful compound butters and paired with a rich sauce. A great pairing option would be something with high acidity, low tannins with a juicy mouthfeel — something that is slightly more complex that pairs elegantly with the different layers of flavours of the roasted turkey. 

Our sommelier recommends: Georges Duboeuf Moulin-A-Vent Domaine des Rosiers

With Pairing with Prime Ribs

Prime ribs when done right, are bold and extremely flavourful with rich textures and the right ratios of meat and fat. A bottle of fine red wine is definitely the way to go. Like all flavourful dishes, our sommelier recommends a bottle that is equally bold with good acidity that holds up the flavours of the prime rib. A red wine with a robust mouthfeel that is high in tannin would be perfect. 

Sommelier recommends: MAURICE GAVIGNET Nuits Saint Georges 2017

Wine Pairing with Christmas Log Cake

Christmas log cakes are probably one of the best parts of Christmas — chocolaty and velvety indulgence that is so difficult to resist, yum! Pairing wine with rich, chocolate-based desserts require some skills though. Our sommelier recommends dark-fruited red blends like Cabernet, Grenache and Syrah. These wines can cut through and bring out the earthy flavours of this perfect Christmas dessert.

Sommelier recommends: Toro Albala Don PX 2018

If your festive wine list is not ready yet, it is probably time to get serious and our bottle store has everything you need for that perfect annual feast. 2020 is a tough year but it is time to get the party started with your loved ones. If you are still reading this, here is a special one for you!

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