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Best Indian restaurants in Singapore

Best Indian Restaurant Delivery in Singapore

We have specially curated a series of articles to feature restaurants with their own delivery services. This is our initiative to support and encourage our local businesses during this difficult period. Check out this article to understand and learn more about our initiatives.

When we think of Indian food, it’s always about curries and parathas. But do you know that Indian cuisine is usually categorised into two categories – North Indian and South Indian cuisine? India is a huge country with different regions. This factor alone causes differences in climates, types of crops harvested and even their local culture. While there are similarities, we can see some obvious differences as well.

For example, in Northern India, there are a lot of farmers who are harvesting wheat. So staples such as naan, parathas, and roti are really prominent in the northern parts of India. The textures of North Indian food are creamier as well, due to the addition of yogurt in many dishes. As for the Southern Indian cuisine, it is more dominated by grains and lentils so you can see lots of rice dishes such as briyani and lentil curries with heavier flavour profiles. 

Singapore is a country with many culture influences. Indians are one of the 4 main races in our country and we are really lucky because that also means we get to enjoy some delicious and yummy Indian cuisine – authentic, traditional, with Northern, Southern India and even South-East Asian influences! 

British Indian Curry Hut

British Indian Curry Hut Best Indian Restaurants in Singapore
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This restaurant specialises in tandoori dishes, exotic Indian-style curries and also serves an array of traditional Indian food. Furthermore, they’ve been doing Indian food delivery way before the Circuit Breaker was a thing. They definitely know their stuff. 

We are gonna give a special shout-out to their tandoori dishes in this article! Tandoori means “oven-baked” in English. When we mention Indian tandoori, you can expect some really well-marinated, delicious and succulent grilled meats. At British Indian Curry Hut, they have some really yummy choices like Chicken Tikka and Achari Lamb Tikka. If you’re ordering to share, we’d totally recommend ordering the full Tandoori Chicken or the Tandoori Platter (so you can try everything!). If you’re just looking for a fuss-free meal, get the Lamb, Chicken or Vegetarian Biryani.

British Indian Curry Hut
30 Lor Mambong
Singapore 277688

Haldi Restaurant & Bar

Haldi Restaurant & Bar Best Indian Restaurants in Singapore
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Haldi Restaurant & Bar is a pretty new restaurant concept in Singapore that specialises modernised North Indian cuisine in Singapore. They had planned for a grand opening but have to postpone everything due to the Circuit Breaker measures. However, you can still support them (and their ultra delicious food) if you’re craving Indian food! 

Like most Indian restaurants, Haldi Restaurant & Bar is also Vegetarian-friendly. If you aren’t craving meat, they have a series of kebabs made from nutritious vegetables. The star dish – Hara Bhara Kabab is made with spinach, potatoes and green peas all mashed together with different spices, then grilled like the usual meaty kebabs. It tastes so wonderful, you’re gonna forget that it’s 100% vegetables.

When you are ordering from a restaurant with North Indian influences, you definitely have to get some naans and chapatis along with Indian style stews such as the Chicken Tikka Masala or Dal Takda – a vegetarian lentil stew with garlic and spices. Dip the bread in the gravies and pop them into your mouth. Boom, a flavour explosion! 

Haldi Restaurant & Bar
61 Boat Quay
Singapore 049849

The Cavern Horsecity

The Cavern Horsecity Best Indian Restaurants in Singapore
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The Cavern is a family-friendly restaurant that serves premium and scrumptious fusion Indian cuisine. Before the Circuit Breaker measures kicked in, they even have performances by home grown life bands in their restaurant located in Bukit Timah. So, make sure to give them a visit, and enjoy a meal with your loved ones over some awesome performances when everything’s over! 

If you’re looking for a dish that’s fit for a king – wholesome and hearty, give the Satti Soru a go. This South Indian dish is basically an Indian-style claypot rice. The Satti Soru at The Cavern come in different versions like Chicken Masala, Prawn Masala and even locally-influenced flavours like Black Pepper Crab and Anchovies.

The Cavern Horsecity
100 Turf Club Rd
Singapore 287992

Rang Mahal

Rang Mahal Best Indian Restaurants in Singapore
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Rang Mahal is all about fine dining, Indian style! They were first established back in 1971 and had been serving up some of the best Indian cuisine in Singapore since then. Taking utmost pride in their food quality, they use the freshest ingredients to serve exemplary food that are traditional with lots of refreshing flavours.

With the Circuit Breaker in place, they’ve since came up with a takeaway and delivery menu that consists of some of our Indian favourites! If you’re getting the starters, you shouldn’t miss out the samosas. It’s literally the Indian version of comfort food – stuffed fully with potatoes, green peas, spices, and finally topped with homemade mint and tamarind chutneys that will bring those samosas to another level. 

If you’ve never tried Palak Paneer before, you’re totally missing out. If you’re unfamiliar with Indian cuisine, you probably haven’t seen this before. It’s a spinach puree combined with housemate cottage cheese. It’s creamy, but still light on the palate so it works great as a dip with naans. 

Rang Mahal
Pan Pacific Singapore
7 Raffles Blvd
Level 3 Pan Pacific
Singapore 039595


Kinara Best Indian Restaurants in Singapore
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Kinara is an Indian restaurant chain that serves both modern and traditional North Indian food. By making full use of the flavours of the Indian spices they can put emphasis on aromas of the food. Get ready for a collection of mouthwatering and fragrant authentic Indian-style dishes!

They have a wide variety of kebabs. We mean it. They have a lot for you to choose from! From seafood, to chicken and even lamb. You’ll be spoilt for choices. If you can’t decide which ones to get, you should get the Kebab Tashtari – a mix of grilled chicken, lamb, fish and prawn kebabs.

If you are an Indian cuisine amateur, get the familiar dishes like Chicken curry or Fish Curry. These yummy curries are cooked in spices, then slowly simmered to perfection. Perfect pairing with a hot, piping bowl of fragrant basmati rice! 

Addresses and locations listed below are branches that provide takeaways and islandwide delivery.

Kinara Boat Quay
57 Boat Quay
Singapore 049846

Kinara Changi
6 Changi Business Park Ave
#01-28 UE BizHub East
Singapore 486017

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