Valentine Day Celebration ideas: Best Ways to Celebrate At Home
Great home celebrations for your Valentine

Great home celebrations for your Valentine

While it seems like COVID-19 is still making us stay home a little more than usual with going out date nights getting rarer, stay-at-home-dates are not as mundane as you think they might be! If you wish to celebrate with something different this year, or if you do not know what to do on Valentine’s Day, we are pretty sure we’ve got what you want over here. Here are some Valentine’s Day home date and celebration ideas you might be interested in! 

Flowers, Champagnes and Netflix

This is for the male population who is looking for a little special something that is more than a flower bouquet for the SO. We partnered with Atelier Jen, a florist based in Singapore for this one. Order a box filled with flowers and a bottle of Champagne (at just $110 inclusive of delivery) for your loved one. The Boîte D’Amour (Box of Love) is a floral box filled to the brim with perfectly hand-arranged florals (Eustoma, Phoenix, Tulip, Eucalyptus and Baby’s Breath), specially chosen by Jen just for Valentine’s Day. Not only that, the box comes with a bottle of Jacquart Brut Mosaique — a multiple award-winning Champagne that the UrbanFindr team is very much in love with. 

What is Champagne, Netflix and snuggles without some sweets to go along with? It is Valentine’s Day after all! Check out Yoku Moku, one of Japan’s most sought after confectionery on our delivery platform. Try a little bit of everything with their assortment boxes! For the chocolate lovers, artisanal chocolate bars with interesting flavours from Marou are also available on the deli store. The confectionary and chocolate sets can definitely complete one of your Valentine’s Day home date ideas. 

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Game night with the sweetheart

Valentine's Day celebration idea

How long has it been since you last touched a board or a card game? We have a great Valentine’s Day celebration idea for you right here. Well, it is time to bring out all the board games you have and spend endless hours playing with your SO – pretty sure it can get addictive. Since Valentine’s Day 2021 falls on a Sunday, you can be playing the whole day if you want to. This is also a great couple bonding activity. The games be something simple like Chess (especially if you have been binging on The Queen’s Gambit) or UNO. If you want to try something different, Truth or Drink is a great one because have got all sorts of booze ready for you, even bottled cocktails, available on the Bottle Shop — just order and we will deliver!  on the Bottle Store — just order and we will deliver! 

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Double date for the foodies 

triple date with a foodie adventure at home

There is no rule that says a Valentine’s date can only be between two persons. Make it a double or a triple date with a foodie adventure at home. Here is a Valentine’s Day dinner idea you can arrange at the comfort of your home. We have got some of the best restaurants on our delivery platform. Savour your way through the world with the different cuisines that are available via the restaurants available on UrbanFindr! The best thing about double or triple dates is that you can order and try more food without getting too stuffed — literally killing multiple birds in one stone. 

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