Get Comforting Pastas From These Restaurants In Singapore -

Get Comforting Pastas From These Restaurants In Singapore

Pasta, in the modern world, is a very versatile dish that’s comforting, easy to prepare and is something that can be easily fused with different cuisines. A lot of people believe that pastas originated from Italy, but in reality, it is pretty difficult to trace its true origins. Some say that Marco Polo brought noodles back to Italy from China back in the 13th century — the Italians were inspired by them and created their own version of noodles that we now call pasta. 

Pasta translates to “paste” in English — paste made from a combination of flour, eggs and water. It’s a widely known food around the world that remains popular. 

Aside from the traditional Italian versions of pastas sauces lsuch as bolognese, carbonara, aglio olio… pasta has travelled around the world, with a lot of creative chefs coming out with their own versions of pasta dishes — even in Singapore!

Wine & Kitchen

A modern wine bistro with a wide range of western fusion dishes on their menu. Give their Hokkien Seafood Pasta ($26) a go! It’s like an upgrade of our favourite Hokkien Mee with stir fried tiger prawns and Hokkaido scallops! 

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Cure Concepts

If you consider Mac n’ Cheese a pasta, you are in luck. Cure Concepts’ Mac n’ Cheese ($20.33) is available for islandwide delivery and takeaways and it’s not the usual comfort food, but one filled generously with our favourite Chilli Crab! 

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Italian Executive Chef, Mauro San helms the kitchen at Prego, an authentic and casual Italian restaurant located in Fairmont Singapore. You can find modern sleek interiors along with hints of rustic Italian influences. This, paired with their handcrafted pastas, is a match made in heaven. The classic Carbonara ($34) cooked with Crisp Pork Bacon, Cream, Egg Yolk and Parmesan cheese is every pasta lover’s dream. Or, treat yourself to their Capelli d’Angelo all’ Astice ($43), a wholesome angel hair pasta tossed with Maine lobster, tomatoes, parsley and chilli. 

Tipo Pasta Bar

Like what their name says, Tipo Pasta Bar specialises in fresh pasta made in-house in their restaurant. Aside from the usual classics like the Cabonara ($18.08), you should also check out their flavourful and really delicious Salmon Pesto ($19.15)! 

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Chao Ta

The people behind Chao Ta are really good at blending different cuisines together to make their own renditions of creative dishes. This includes their pastas as well! Their Asari Clams Aglio Olio ($18.30) is an interesting one. Wok-fried clams stir fried with spaghetti, garlic, anchovies, chilli & parsley — Japanese inspired dish with a touch of local flavour. Yummy! 

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JAG Wine 

JAG Wine’s menu is filled with lots of European inspired tapas, entrees and desserts. Their pasta menu has both the classics and the modern ones like the Penne Vodka Chicken Pasta ($26.75) and the Duck Confit Spaghetti ($26.75) cooked in Marsala Cream and Parmesan cheese. It’s an all-time favourite with their guests. 

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Frenchie Wine Bar

Frenchie Wine Bar has pastas for the seafood lovers! Choose from the richly flavoured Ricotta Cheese & Spinach Ravioli ($25.69) cooked with smoked salmon and mushroom cream sauce, King Prawn Aglio Olio ($27.82), super delightful Spicy Crab Meat Linguine ($28.89) and mouth-watering Lobster Pasta ($32.10). 

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The Bistro @ 39

Their affordable Japanese-style pastas are delicious and easy on the pocket. Check out the Mushroom Arrabbiata ($10) — linguine tossed with Shimeji mushroom and basil. So simple but so good! Want something with a little bit of meat? Their Chicken Capellini ($12) is great — seared chicken, shiitake mushrooms and chilli flakes with shiro dashi for that extra oomph.

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Jarrell’s Bistro

If you are looking for flavours with an Asian twist, Jarrell’s Bistro has lots of pasta dishes that won’t disappoint. From the Kimchi Mushroom Pasta ($18) tossed with the classic Korean gochujang and sesame oil to Tom Yum Thai King Prawn Pasta ($23) through to our local favourite — the Chili Crab Pasta ($23) and Kam Heong Lala Pasta ($18), you’d definitely be screaming with joy! 

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Although you can make pasta in just one pot in no-time, but tasting an awesome plate of perfectly cooked, al-dente pasta by some of the best restaurants in Singapore is super rewarding! So go on, treat yourself… we know you want to!

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