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Top Steak Deliveries in Singapore

Attention meat lovers! From classic steakhouses to modern fusion delicacies, we have it all. If a steak is good, it tastes exquisite no matter what – especially when paired with simple sides and great wines. 

We get your agony. Now that we are still embracing the new normal of not dining out, and while making your own steak might be a horror story by itself, why not enjoy restaurant quality steak at home? Be it a quiet dinner for 2 or a feast for the family, no one’s going to decline a quality, juicy piece of steak. 

Continue reading on to find out which restaurants made the list! 


Vue Restaurant Side Dishes

VUE specialises in modern European cuisine while showcasing the true flavours of premium ingredients in every single dish. At VUE, you can expect extraordinary food. 

Like the A5 Wagyu & Foie Gras salad ($168) — perfectly grilled A5 Black Wagyu Striploin with Miso Marinated Foie Gras and served with Couscous, Quinoa and Mesclun Salad. If you are up for an adventure, get their Breaded A5 Black Wagyu Striploin Sandwich ($168). A generous piece of juicy wagyu sandwiched in between buttery homemade brioche — elevating the ubiquitous sando to new heights! Wondering what to order to share? Grab the bull by its horns and go for a kilogram of Dry-Aged USDA Prime Bone-in Ribeye ($288) that serves 2-3 pax. Accompaniments include vine tomatoes, confit potatoes and peppercorn sauce. 

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Butcher Boy

Butcher Boy serves up plates and plates of meat — perfect for the carnivore in you. 

Craving Beef Tartare? Their rendition is slick and sexy, all dressed up with egg yolk, diced shallots, chives, pickled cucumber and green chilli emulsion for a hint of spice and freshness.  Served with dill oil, prawn crackers, fresh romaine leaves, and crowned with furikake fried potato curls, smoked herring roe in ponzu dressing, this Beef Tartare is top of the charts!

If you are looking for a great plate of Short Ribs delivered right to you, look no further because Butcher Boy is the answer. 

Their Beef Short Ribs are served with a classic house-made black pepper sauce. Their Beef Short Rib Meal for 2 ($136.96) is a must-order if you want to get a taste of everything. The set includes a starter of 2 Fried Chicken Baos, 400 grams of US Beef Short Rib Pastrami served along with sides of Szechuan Brussels sprouts, Skinny Fries, Togarashi and Chilli. 

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A purveyor of top quality beef, Steakville believes that good, fresh meat is the way to go. With meat sources from the best farming regions around the world, you can expect high quality meat cooked perfectly and delivered to you from this steakhouse. 

A highlight on the menu is a favourite of Chef/ owner Shaun Gian – artisan Japanese Wagyu. Not just Miyazaki wagyu, but from the prized Miyachiku farm! At just $49, the Miyazaki Wagyu is a steal comprising 120g Miyachiku wagyu, served with house salad, beetroot puree, truffle mustard and val d’elsa seasalt.

Their Beef Platter (starts from $76) consists of 200g hanger and 150g Ribeye with curated aged steak. If you are looking to reward yourself, top up $86 for 120g of Japanese Wagyu. Want the best of both worlds? Get both the ribeye and wagyu for just $124! 

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Teppan Works

There is something about food cooked on a teppan grill — rich flavours, tantalising and delectable. Teppan Works offers a selection of fresh, prime cuts of Wagyu steaks prepared using traditional Japanese culinary techniques that capture the essence of every single ingredient. 

At just $58.85, you can enjoy 120g of perfectly grilled A4 Wagyu steak. Or opt for an Omakase experience at home with their 2021 CB Omakase Set with A4 Wagyu Steak ($95.23). The set includes an Obanzai, Teppan Omelette and of course, 70g of quality A4 Wagyu. 

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Picanhas specialises in steaks and a lot of steaks. They are also a halal owned business — so their delicious menu is great for a gathering where everyone gets to enjoy a delicious meal. 

Their basic Queen of Steaks starts at just $25, and it is a full 200 grams of their signature steak served with Binchotan Butter and your choice of Garlic Mashed Potato or Congee. If you are looking to share, they have 2 delivery bundles starting from just $92!

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JAG Wine


The founders of JAG Wine are inspired by the finer things in life. Featuring a vast collection of New World and Old World wines, the menu showcases great European-inspired tapas, entrees and desserts. 

Meat lovers will rejoice in the soft and tender Slow Braised Wagyu Beef Cheek ($36.38) and Grilled Tenderloin ($36.28) served with a side of potato and vegetables. Simplicity at its best! 

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Angel & Devil

Located at the heart of Keong Siak Road, Angel & Devil is a bistro and bar that promises you a scrumptious gastronomic experience — now with island-wide delivery. 

Their Grilled Australian Sirloin Steak ($25.68) is a full 220 grams of meat served with Fondant Potato, with your choice of 5 Peppercorn Cognac Sauce or Diane Sauce. If you are ordering for 2-3 persons, check out their A&D Mixed Grill Platter ($64.20) which consists of Char Grilled Half Spring Chicken (400gm), 2 Pork Cheese Sausages (240gm) and of course, the Australian Sirloin (220gm). 

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Lazy Lizard

Lazy Lizard is a cosy cafe serving up western cuisine. If you are looking for something really straightforward, well, Lazy Lizard is the right choice. 

Choose from their Classic Ribeye ($29.75) or Lazy Lizard’s Sirloin ($25.45) served with a side of fries and salad — yummy. 

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Frenchie Wine Bar

Frenchie Wine Bar, known for their exquisite French communal-style menu is now available for island-wide delivery via UrbanFindr. From charcuterie, cheeses to mains and desserts, they’ve got it all! 

Don’t miss out on their Beef Tenderloin ($42.80) that is served with caramelised onions along with mash potato, shimeji mushroom, baby spinach and foie gras sauce. 

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MEME Bistro Bar

Enjoy casual western dining at home with MEME Bistro Bar with many items on their menu that are made for sharing — perfect for families or loved ones. 

Their steaks are available in Ribeye ($19.90) and Striploin ($18.90), both served with chips and vegetables. If you are craving for something light, we are pretty sure the Grilled Beef Salad Bowl ($11.90) is a sneaky but yummy dish to get your greens in for the day. The Meat Platter ($45.90) consisting of striploin, chicken, beef, hotdog, chicken hotdog, bratwrust sausage with fries is the ideal choice to sate your appetites. 

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Bluemist Cafe & Bistro

Bluemist Cafe & Bistro serves up comfort food at a reasonable pricing — now we know why they have garnered such a huge number of loyal customers over the years!

Their Grilled CHILL Ribeye Beef Steak ($33.06) is served with their house made sauce, and served with vegetables and your choice or either fries or mashed potatoes. 

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There you go — a roundup of restaurants with some of the best steaks on our sunny island, all available for island-wide delivery via UrbanFindr! There’s no need to worry about overcooking your steak anymore, just kick back, order in and enjoy…

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