Authentic Taiwanese Food In Singapore: Abundance -

Authentic Taiwanese Food In Singapore: Abundance

Abundance is the new kid on the block serving famous Taiwanese inspired dishes, with Gua Bao (the Taiwanese version of Kong Bak Pao or Braised Pork Belly Bun) as one of their signature dishes. This is also one reason why they named themselves A-bun-dance. Get it? Aside from that, Abundance also means “a large quantity of something”, and it is exactly what the founder of Abundance wants — to bring the abundance of joy, good service, fun, and wholesome flavours to their customers. 

Yuan Xin, founder of Abundance felt that Taiwanese food is always under-represented in Singapore. As a Taiwanese food lover, he wants to replicate the diverse taste of Taiwanese food and bring them to our sunny shores. He worked closely with Jaz Yew, a former head chef from Taiwanese franchise Din Tai Fung to introduce different classic Taiwanese dishes, emphasising the natural taste of each ingredient while amplifying their creativity to Abundance’s menu. 

Gua Bao

Gua Bao

A highlight on the menu is their Gua Bao — a classic Taiwanese snack that is pretty rare in Singapore. Gua Bao is a tad similar to our local version of Kong Bak Pao but with the addition of pickles, coriander and roasted peanut sprinkles, that make the dish extra flavourful. You can literally taste different layers of the different ingredients. The sweetness from the roasted peanuts and acidity from the home-made pickles balances out the oiliness of the pork belly the dish — we can now see why Gua Bao is such a favourite among the Taiwanese.

CCB – Crispy Chicken Bun

The Gua Bao at Abundance also comes in a Crispy Chicken version, paired with a tangy mango slaw that gives your palate a pleasant surprise! 

Aside from the classic Taiwanese grubs, the menu at Abundance is also filled with fresh interpretations of dishes like the Prawn Toast — a thick layer of homemade prawn paste spread over a thin piece of soft, deep fried toast that is served with a Kaffir Lime Sauce. This unique sauce cuts through the oiliness, ensuring that the dish is not too heavy perfectly balanced.

New On The Menu

Golden Egg

Another dish to note is the Golden Egg — century egg wrapped with spring roll skin, fried to perfection and served with bonito flakes, shallots and a sweet & spicy sauce. An interesting and memorable dish you definitely have to order when you are at Abundance! 

Niu Yolk

Also, if you are visiting, remember to check out the menu for their different renditions of Taiwanese-style fried rice. From the classic egg fried rice (dan chao fan) to the ultra wholesome Niu Yolk fried rice — we are talking about fragrant stir fried with beef fat, and served with 100 grams of beef short ribs and onsen egg, great value at only $19.90 !

To top it all off, Abundance also serves craft beers from different regions in Asia — a perfect beverage to pair with these Taiwanese street classics! We know how reading this article makes you curious as to how these interesting dishes taste like (especially the Gua Bao) so here is a piece of great news! Abundance is available via UrbanFindr’s islandwide delivery. Go get your Taiwanese street food cravings fixed no matter where you are in Singapore! Order here. 

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