A round-up of our favourite Japanese sakes -

A round-up of our favourite Japanese sakes

Sakes, like wines, can be divided into different categories of styles and grades. If you are a sake amateur, it might get a little confusing. To introduce novices into the sensational world of sakes, take a look at our basic simple guide right here.

The sake market is constantly growing with both traditional and modern breweries developing new techniques, innovation and production methods. Here, we will be exploring 5 different Japanese Sakes from the Bottle Shop that we fell in love with.

Aside from these classic award-winning bottles, sparkling sakes have been gaining a lot of popularity among sake consumers in the recent years. Japan is one of the biggest export market for Champagnes. The Japanese interest in sparkling wines has ignited the interest of local Japanese brewers, leading to the production of sparkling sakes.

Rokkon Ruby Junmai Ginjo

Rokkon Ruby is a Junmai Ginjo perfect for those with a sweeter tooth. It has a pleasant bouquet that expands in the mouth after the first sip. With a caramel-like flavour, this bottle also provides a softer mouthfeel with elegant sweetness and a clear finish. 


  • Grand Gold Medal at 2018 The Fine Sake Awards Japan
  • Gold Medal at 2019 The Fine Sake Awards Japan
  • Gold Medal at 2020 The Fine Sake Awards Japan

Shozui Junmai Daiginjo

This is definitely a classic and rare bottle. Brewed using the traditional Kimono method, the Shozui Junmai Daiginjo has been awarded several gold medals in various competitions over the last 20 years. This full-bodied sake has obvious tints of fruity flavours with a smooth mouth feel. It is very aromatic, delicate yet refined with a solid taste. 


  • Gold Award at 2009 Japan National Sake Competition
  • Gold Award at 2008, 2009, 2010 US National Sake Appraisal
  • Gold Medal, 94 points at the 2008 BTI World Wine Championship
  • 2010 National New Sake Awards

Taiyozakari Tokubetsu Junmai

This bottle is a Niigata-style Junmai brewed with Gohyakumangoku sake rice locally grown within the Niigata Prefecture. With a fresh, light and dry taste, this is a sake that does not overpower the palate. The clean, gentle taste of this award-winning bottle also makes it a great pairing with all kinds of cuisine. 


  • Gold Medal at Kan Sake Award 2016
  • Gold Medal at 2014 The Fine Sake Awards Japan
  • Gold Medal at 2019 The Fine Sake Awards Japan
  • Gold Medal at Kura Master 2017

Yauemon Shu-awa Sparkling Sake

Brewed using the low filtering method, the Yauemon Shu-awa has a lower ABV as compared to other sakes. This is a light-bodied, refreshing sake that is not too sweet with fruity flavours from melons and grapefruits. You can also taste some hints of crisp honey  and black sugar. 

Hakugakusen Slightly Sparkling Black

A fine example of sparkling sake from our the Bottle Shop is the Junmai Daiginjo from Hakugakusen. The Slightly Sparkling Black is slightly more complex, with a refreshing aroma and different layers of flavour profiles like apple, banana and white peach. Do not fret if it seems too much for you because these complicated flavours are balanced out by the hint of minerals that gives the sake its subtle and slightly sweet flavour. 

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There is a wider range of sakes available at the Bottle Shop for your exploration. Welcome to the wonderful world of Sake!

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